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  • Hello, Julie! Think I'll finally be able to send you the pm's I've been working on sometime in the next several days. It only took me forever, eh? *sheepish*
    Well, I think the quantity kind of makes up for it; they're pretty long, and will have to be broken down into several pm's.
    Hey, Julie. I haven't finished writing about the tv shows, but I have some other stuff I wanted to tell you about in the meantime. I've already written it, and I'm about to pm it to you now.
    Hope you don't mind me doing things a bit out of order. Btw, if you don't get all the pm's, it's probably because my Internet cut out....again! It's been doing that a LOT, and can last for over 24 hours at a time! Hoping it gets fixed sometime soon.
    Anyway, about to pm you. It's pretty long, so it oughta keep you busy a while! (-:
    Sorry it's taking so long for me to reply. I'm on a lousy schedule right now, and don't have the free time I normally would to write. I have time to tweet a bit, but, I like and really need to be able to take my time with pm's and whatnot, so I'd rather wait till I have time, than just write some rushed message. Hopefully, I'll be able to reply soon.
    Much love, AJ

    Just met someone on Twitter yesterday. Thought we would hit it off well - - we were both Gackt fans, and, at first, we got along very nicely. Today things went completely south. That was quick. :(
    Not having the best week...
    Got into a really nasty argument on the forum a couple of days ago, been stressed out about it..nausea, trouble sleeping.
    Been feeling ill and fatigued, and now I have this twitter thing. Not fun. Not fun at all.
    At least I've had a cool dream, and have had time to watch some of my favorite tv shows and videos.
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