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  • I know. But I don't like the chat bar. :blink: I like it the old fashion way. Good memories... :sigh:
    Yeah, I de-activated it almost a year ago I think. There was no use in keeping it. But now I'm bored and I want to chat. :D
    Gotta go and take a shower....cause you know where I'm going. :girl_whistle: It was nice talking to you. :yes: Let's do it again soon. :D

    See you later, alligator. :lol: Take care. :give_flowers:
    Hi Julia :give_flowers:

    I've got to go now. :sad: I'm going to the mall......to eat, cause I'm starving, :D and to buy a gift for my mom for mother's day. :)

    It was fun talking to you. :wild: Hopefully we can do it again soon. :pray:

    Talk to you later.......take care. :hug:
    I'm fine too. I had so many things to do for school and at home that I didn't have time to be here on MJJC this week!
    Today is Sunday, so sad the weekend is ending! Did you enjoy it?
    Have a nice Sunday and a nice week!
    Hey Julia!

    Nice to meet you too! and I'm looking forward to get to know you better soon as well :wild:

    Hi Julia,

    Gotta go now.........it was nice talking to you. :wild:

    Hopefully, we can do it again very very soon. :yes: See ya! :hug:
    Thanks for your kind words :) God bless you.
    Hey Julia, :give_flowers:

    We missed each other again today :nono: ..............and with my final exams coming up soon, I don't know if I'll be able to log on from my phone, :unsure: ............but I'll be damned if I don't try. :lol:

    Missed you........ :hug:

    PS: :thanks_sign:
    I'm glad you had a great time. :yes: I had a great time too......did a lot of swiimming. :D Now I'm counting days for my school semester to be over (May 4) :girl_happy: ............than I can play golf every day :wild: ..........when I'm not working. :girl_tantrum:

    I have to leave now, but I'll talk to you soon. :)
    Good night....sleep well. :hug: I should log off myself too.......I got some reading to do.......then I'm going out with friends. :D

    Talk to you soon. :bye:
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