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  • Hello, just wanted to thank you for the lovely picture! You posted it a while back, so you probably don't remember. I've been almost entirely absent from the forum for a while, which is why I'm writing about it so late.

    Aww, thank you! Love you more! :heart:
    Thank you so much for the rep & comment! :) :heart:
    No that wasnt me. Iv'e been Qbee or Love_You_More and maybe some other names I can't remember
    Aww, thank you so much for the new year's wishes! All the same to you! :flowers: xx
    That good news to hear Karen you will fit in just fine. You are a sweet and kind person and i thank Michael so much for bringing you in my life . Will get some days off i am going out of town Dec 16-23 going home to see my family i have to work Christmas eve and Christmas Day that okay me and my family are doing a early Christmas. I love that poem so much thank Karen.

    love you more
    Hi karen good to hear from you i have been working on thrid shift so my hours have change so i be getting alot of sleep before i get ready for work. That good to hear about our poem which one did you upload?

    Love you more pat
    The weather isn't great here Karen, but what do we expect this time of year?
    Looking forward to Christmas already :D
    Not really a winter-wonderland-type .....I loveeeeee spring and summer, but I guess I have no choice, so better try to enjoy all seasons
    Ja :) Så ham i parken i 1997, og igen i 1999 im Munchen til "what more can i give" :)
    Trine. Kedeligt og gammeldaws - men det var SÅ moderne i 1980, LOL.

    Hvor i DK bor du? :)
    hejsa Karen :) (jeg antager, at det er dit navn? :lol: )
    Rart med en anden dansker her på boardet :)
    Hi sis i am doing fine all is well. Good news i took about 5 of the poems when me and Kelly went to Gary, Ind I gave them to the seurtiy guard who was there because Michael mom was there early we went on Aug 27. So i show both of the sercity guards the poems and their love them and then their let me know that their were taking the poems in to Katherine i was so happy i had to let you know.

    I hope all is well with you too. i am on 3 shift at my job now so i go to work at 10:00 pm- 7:30 am so when i come home i rest.

    love you more
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