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  • Haha I do understand what you mean ...I don't like to be a newbie either ...but do we have a choice?
    I guess not ...going to create more picture threads ..but I also lost motivation ...esp at the count threads ...jeeeeeee we have to start all over again..we were halfway there :(

    Hi Karen...yes I know ...it's harder to see if there is a message waiting here than at the MJFC ....Karen in a while we feel better here ...I do miss some threads but I will create them soon!!

    Love you!

    thanks for the lovely picture of Michael ...here is one in return


    Hi Karen, how are you?
    I think it is about time for us to strat some new picture threads hu? I really miss them ..
    What about a "Michael with his hands in his pockets" thread :D

    See you later, xxx
    hi Karen, sorry i missed your message was a quick run through earlier as i was getting ready for church. wish you a good week.
    ~Love and hugs, Lori :)
    Hi Karen- Thanks for letting me know about Tulip. I just don't want her to feel alone and I think she would like the picture threads here.:)
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