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  • I wish you and your family a mery christmas and a happy new year! :)
    You should. :queen:

    Well, I work at home. :p I make handcrafts for wedding dresses. :D
    That's why I gave you three strikes. :rofl: I'm generous with my family. :hysterical:

    I know the feeling. :no: I've been working too. I don't remember if I told you or not. :p
    Yes, you're right, long time without talks :lol: and I guess I forgot how to post on someone's wall :lmao:
    It shows how long it has been since we've talked, that I didn't check your wall sooner. :lmao:

    I don't have to like them though. :lol: This isn't really the place to talk about this though. :p
    You posted on your own wall. :lol:

    I don't know if it's for the worst or not, but it has changed me. :p I don't like change. :no:
    Has it changed you for worse, you mean? :unsure: don't let the year changes you, even if you can't change the year in exchange :p
    School doesn't worry me much... well okay, it does, but not as much as other things. :p

    Well, it's been hard and it has changed me a lot. I don't like it. :no:
    Cool. :p Have a nice trip.

    I meant this year as in school year. :p Well not only school-wise, but anyway. :lol: Well, it hasn't been so good either. :p
    You're leaving on Monday? :p

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I was so exhausted, well still haven't completely recovered. This year has been... difficult, to say the least. It drained me of all energy. :p
    I know. But I hate mud. :angry:

    Yes. :rofl: He just wouldn't believe that someone would willingly put me in charge and that it was either a mistake or they picked a random user. :lmao: Well... it's less freaky than mine, I assure you. :p
    Yeah... we had a couple of weeks of extreme heat and now rain again. :sigh:

    I guess so. :lol:

    Oh, nice. :p I haven't really spoken to him much lately. He did however find the time to express his utter disbelief that they made me a mod. :rofl:
    Yeah, I have holidays till September, when university starts. :D
    I understand that you don't wanna spend all your time in front of the computer. ;) That's not good anyway. lol

    Yes, we plan to go to Italy in August. :wild: To Lake Garda. :D
    What travel plans do you have? :shifty:
    I am. :rofl:

    It's getting dark. :p Plus, it's been raining here for the past few days. :p I hate being bored as well, but sadly, I'm almost always bored.
    You are welcome! :hug: .. I'm fine. .. I have a bit too much time since I finished school in March, I could give you some of my time. :lol: ;)
    Hi crazy girl,:ciao:how are you doing? Hope everything is fine. :) Why I am here? Ahh, I know it's your birthday today. So :birthday: to you girl. Thought you and Iwould celebrate your birthday with a glass of red wine....:cheers: ... but of course you are not here:beee:; :lol: nahhh, this means your birthday celebrations are on. Hope your day was full of joy and fun.:hug:
    Happy birthday to you, Karina! :birthday: I wish you a great day! :wild:
    Not yet, still 3 more weeks to go. But most of my important exams are over, so I've got some more time. :p

    We can log in here on Friday evening to set a time maybe? :p
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