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  • Hi crazy girl,:ciao:how are you doing? Hope everything is fine. :) Why I am here? Ahh, I know it's your birthday today. So :birthday: to you girl. Thought you and Iwould celebrate your birthday with a glass of red wine....:cheers: ... but of course you are not here:beee:; :lol: nahhh, this means your birthday celebrations are on. Hope your day was full of joy and fun.:hug:
    Happy birthday to you, Karina! :birthday: I wish you a great day! :wild:
    Not yet, still 3 more weeks to go. But most of my important exams are over, so I've got some more time. :p

    We can log in here on Friday evening to set a time maybe? :p
    Ok, I'll drop you a line when my exams are over. :p

    I don't know what's wrong. He's not eating or drinking. I had to spoon-feed him. :blink: And I made him tea. :lmao: Thanks :hug:

    Thanks. :D
    Hi! Welcome home. :D Glad you had a good time.

    I don't go on Skype much. Well, pretty much at all. :lol: But if we arrange a meeting, sure. :p Except, I'm a bit busy with exams for the next week, so perhaps after that. :p I'm fine, thanks for asking. Arnie is a bit sick now so I'm a bit worried but hopefully he'll be fine. :unsure:

    Cool, I'll check them out. :D


    Yes, I am here to help. (as my signature says). I've only been a member of team MJJC for about a week now. Why? Because help was needed and i could offer it. :p Plus, I get cool blue name. :shades: How? Gaz asked for help, I offered it, he accepted. :D Hmmm I think now you know about everything. :D
    :lol: Maybe. :D

    I see. She told me she has to work as well. :no: It really sucks because we have Easter now and we get like 4 days off. So we get only bits of the week off. :doh: I think it's the same for her. :yes:

    Oh, I haven't been on facebook in a while. :lol: I'll check them out. :p
    Yeah, I sent her an email the other day and she replied to me too. :p

    Did you ask her to meet?
    I know. :D

    No, I was thinking about sending her an email today. You can always ask. :p
    Thank you!!!!! :wild: :hug: I did enjoy my celebration. :yes:
    It's good to see you again! I hope you'll find some time around easter to log on here. :pray: :unsure:
    Thanks. :hug: And I agree, I'm sick way too often.

    No need to apologize, it's not your fault. :D

    ps. I though it had a weird body. :lmao:
    ps. the :fortuneteller: smile has a globe!! I just realized. I always thought that was its body. :lmao:

    I'm sick :fever:... again. I've been sick a lot lately. But otherwise, I'm fine. :D How about you? Have you heard from Popo?
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