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  • Ok, I'll drop you a line when my exams are over. :p

    I don't know what's wrong. He's not eating or drinking. I had to spoon-feed him. :blink: And I made him tea. :lmao: Thanks :hug:

    Thanks. :D
    Hi! Welcome home. :D Glad you had a good time.

    I don't go on Skype much. Well, pretty much at all. :lol: But if we arrange a meeting, sure. :p Except, I'm a bit busy with exams for the next week, so perhaps after that. :p I'm fine, thanks for asking. Arnie is a bit sick now so I'm a bit worried but hopefully he'll be fine. :unsure:

    Cool, I'll check them out. :D


    Yes, I am here to help. (as my signature says). I've only been a member of team MJJC for about a week now. Why? Because help was needed and i could offer it. :p Plus, I get cool blue name. :shades: How? Gaz asked for help, I offered it, he accepted. :D Hmmm I think now you know about everything. :D
    :lol: Maybe. :D

    I see. She told me she has to work as well. :no: It really sucks because we have Easter now and we get like 4 days off. So we get only bits of the week off. :doh: I think it's the same for her. :yes:

    Oh, I haven't been on facebook in a while. :lol: I'll check them out. :p
    Yeah, I sent her an email the other day and she replied to me too. :p

    Did you ask her to meet?
    I know. :D

    No, I was thinking about sending her an email today. You can always ask. :p
    Thank you!!!!! :wild: :hug: I did enjoy my celebration. :yes:
    It's good to see you again! I hope you'll find some time around easter to log on here. :pray: :unsure:
    Thanks. :hug: And I agree, I'm sick way too often.

    No need to apologize, it's not your fault. :D

    ps. I though it had a weird body. :lmao:
    ps. the :fortuneteller: smile has a globe!! I just realized. I always thought that was its body. :lmao:

    I'm sick :fever:... again. I've been sick a lot lately. But otherwise, I'm fine. :D How about you? Have you heard from Popo?
    ...man... this editing messages to make it fit takes me longer time then to write it... :lmao:

    ...hope I got everything in the right order... if not, then figure out what was I trying to say.. :D

    ...if any of my sentences make any sense in the first place.. :lmao:
    ......it's late.. :doh: ..and I need sleep.. -_- ...and I'm getting hungry :dribble: ...and it's getting cold in my room.. :ermm: ....

    ....anyway.... :huggy:
    ....anyway... I'm working at night and sleeping over the day.. :doh: so I'm totally out of space (yes... even more than usually :lmao:) .....I will explain it in details in the PM that it still on your way.. :D

    ...and when I say you'll get pictures, YOU'LL GET PICTURES! DAMMIT!! ..now shut up.. -_-
    and believe me.. I need to force myself to take pics of myself ...so I will look messed up either way... :lmao: don't keep your hopes way too high.. you will be sorry that you requested any.. -_-

    PS.1: I suppose you expect some PS's now? -_-
    PS.2: fine then... so let it be... -_-
    PS.3: ....cause you know I love it!!! :wild:
    PS.4: but wait.... is this gonna turn out in one of our competition who can write more of these? :huh:
    PS.5: if so........ I'M LEADING!!!!! :girl_happy:
    And believe me.. it was hard (no pun, you nasty girl.. -_-) I needed to hold myself back from not doing it.. oh the torture!!! :sigh: ...I better not talk about it ..it's still painful even just to think about that time.. :sigh: BUT I MADE IT!! as you can see.. :D I know.. I know.. you think 'only 10 days past, that's nothing'.. but I see it as the golden middle between my desire of being a responsible human being and your begin of not changing.. :D And to me it seems like a neat compromise! :D ......you know me.. I like to keep everyone satisfied.. :D ....especially you my dear sis! :hug:

    ...but beside that totally logical and totally explainable reason, there's actually even a second reason for my absence.. I'm currently working. -_- I know it sounds like something out of science fiction.. -_- ..and compared to the first reason this sounds like I'm shiting you.. -_- but you gotta believe me! Please! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!!!! :cry:
    yes... yes... as you can see.. I stayed the same even in 2013!! :fame: It was very hard for me (no pun intended :naughty:......... :girl_whistle:) very hard..... harder then you can imagine (STILL no pun intended... :D) but I took your advice and didn't change a bit!!!! :fame: I know you're proud of me... so am I... but I can't take all the credit for it... you need to be proud of yourself too! :wild: If it wasn't for you and all your encouragement, I would probably change all my habits.. :bugeyed I was gonna reply to your VM the same day as I got it.. but then it hit me in the head.. ''HOLD THE F*** UP.... WHAT AM I'M DOING??????? I can not do something so unexpected.. I can not go against myself.. and most of all: I CAN NOT LET KARINA DOWN AND JUST CHANGE LIKE THAT!!!! :bugeyed No.. no... she needs to wait half of the eternity for my reply!!!''
    Hey, I was trying to send you one more PM and I got the following message: karin861 has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space. :wtf: I'm not done talking! :girl_tantrum: -_- :D
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