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  • :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

    OMG!!!!!! If everyone wasn't at sleep, I would literally scream right now!! :wild:

    Yeah, it's still my address... so just send it away.. :D I'll be waiting.. :shifty:

    lots of kisses to you too! :heart: And I'll hear from you soon... I hope.. :D

    :huggy: :huggy:
    :hug:Where are you hidding? - Search for new holidays? btw my holidays were great but too short.:shifty:
    Wait.... you were here tonight??? :shock: And I missed it again???? :shock:

    Damn that TV!!!!!!!! :banghead
    She added me on her new one. I see her online. :pI don't know. I have to learn the song first. :lol: Angela wanted a MJ song, so I need to practice first. Give me a week or so. O_O If you want, and come to msn :)sleep:) or skype I can play another one for you tomorrow, as I will be home alone for the second part of the day. :p Otherwise, you'll have to wait. :sleep:
    So, I'm talking to Angela and I will play yana for her on the guitar. We will set an appointment on ms and I will play it then. I'll let you know when that is, so you can come too :p
    :shock: OH DEAR GOD!!! I seriously do hope you're joking with that last sentence... :shock: :shock: :shock: cause you make it sound like I don't care about you whatsoever.. :shock: And you know that isn't true! -_- I promised I will write you, and I will keep my promise.. not because I feel obligated to write you, but because I WANT TO!!! -_- And I will explain everything in it.

    And another thing.... I'm not here just at 2 am.. :blink: I mostly come here at 4-5-6 PM.. :mellow: If I'm here at 2am, it means that It's the second time I came here in that day.. -_-

    Okay... before this turns out in to a long-ass message, I'll stop now.. and I'll write you later.. ;)
    'Till then: I'm sending you a lot of hugs :huggy: :huggy: :huggy: :huggy: :huggy:

    P.S.: Stop being mad at me.... this shit ain't cute.. -_-
    One msg??? :blink: ...what's your problem... :wtf: :lmao:

    ahhh damn it... I have no clue where to start.. :unsure: ah well, you will get the full report tomorrow.. :p For now: I'm fine! :D And how are you? :D (man.... I sound so polite! :lmao: this heat must have some effect on me... :lmao:)

    And of course I'm happy that you're online!!! :woohoo: and more than that!! I'm so excited to hear from my twin again!!! :huggy:
    Hold up........ are you here now? :blink:

    ...your green light is on...... :wtf:
    :girl_tantrum: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA DAMN IT!!!!!! I MISSED YOU!!!!! :ranting

    For a period of time I was here every day.... and now the last 5 days when I'm busy, you decide to show up!!!! :ranting WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF??????????????

    Okay.... whatever... -_-

    Yeah.. about the message... I know I promised... and I know I didn't.. :ninja: ....but I will! I promise! (again) :D Maybe even tomorrow.. :D and why I haven't 'till now, I will explain in it.. :D
    :ciao:Hi Sweetie,

    yeay it's your day today.


    Happy Birthday girl - I wish you all the best. 'Hope all your wishes come true. Have a great day with your family and friends.

    l.o.v.e. Elke:huggy::friends:

    P.S. I am a bit lazy - you know. Sorry for not answering until now. :blush:Thank you so much for your looooong message. I hope I'll be in writing mood at the weekend.
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