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  • Hello Karina!! :ciao:
    thanks for your friends request!! :bow: I looking forward to get to know you soon! :)
    Back to the camera, I bought it because I was going to the MJ Immortal World Tour and I wanted to take pictures, but guess what?............cameras were not allowed. :hysterical: Anyway, once there I saw that some people were taking pics so I decided to take it out and use it. This was the result:
    REMOVED LINK......................will send via PM. :)

    Try not to laugh so hard. :nono: :lol: In my defense...........it was dark, the camera was new and I couldn't see the right buttons to push (zoom), etc. :girl_whistle: I hope you like it. :D

    I gotta go now............talk to you soon. :hug:
    Anyway, we are in Austin and my broter realizes he forgot the tripod............and I was like........I'll just hold the video camera and record.......what's hard about that, right? So the game is over, my brother finds the coach, and interviews him..........and I'm right there video taping the interview. :bugeyed After the interview, we go back to the hotel, my brother writes the article and wants to watch the footage to see what he is going to submit with the interview. To make a long story short.............He couldn't use ANY of the footage. :sad: Karina, I swear you would think I was jumping up and down while I was recording. :lol: I don't remember my hands being shaky. :scratch:

    I felt so bad, more so because my brother was like, "oh well, that's okay, you tried." .............but now we laugh and make jokes about it. :D
    Hi Karina,

    So how is the job going? Or you working hard, or hardly working? :lol: Just kidding..............I know you are a hard worker. :yes: So what exactly do you do? Is it s 9 to 5 job?

    About the camera.........I bought a Nikon Coolpix S8200...........it's not my absolute choice for a camera, but it's gonna have to do for now. :D But you know what? I've been blaming cameras for my shitty pics and I finally came to the conclusion that it's not the camera...........it's just me. :shock: I just don't know how to take pictures. :blush: I got "shaky" hands. :lol:

    I'm in a chatty mood, so I'm gonna tell you a story. I hope you don't mind. :D A few weeks ago, my brother Anthony (he is a sports writer for a local newspaper) had to cover a college football game in Austin, Texas. The video assistant couldn't make the trip so he asked me if I wanted to tag along. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. :wild:
    Hi girl,:ciao::huggy:

    glad to see you.:cheers:

    Sorry for my late response but I am a little bit busy atm.:bugeyed But only three month to go and I'll have holidays.:wild: What about your holidays - when will you come to Germany? I don't remember correctly:scratch:and I can't read it anymore because we talked about this on Maximum Jax. - it's down since a while now.:eek:

    I am glad you're so lucky to find a job. What is your job about? Of course I understand that this takes a lot of time. But I am sad at the same moment because I miss you.:beee::lol:

    I am curious about the other things that happened to you too.:shifty:

    ...thank you for your Easter wishes.:) I was on tour with my team ... but I think I am too old for this: 1.200 kids and adult sleeping in one school on the ground in sleeping bags. Can you this imagine...:bugeyed My whole body was hurting.:lol:

    Is your granny doing better? I hope so.:) I always think about you too.:friends:

    Your friend Elke.:huggy:
    About the camera.......I bought one (Nikon). It was a last minute purchase.........bought it the day I needed it............so I kinda settled. But it has worked so far..........no complaints. :pray: Thank you for all the good info you gave me. :thanks_sign: I really appreciate it. :yes: I learned a lot. :smarty: Sorry I didn't get back to you, but I waited cause I wanted to thank you "personally" but I didn't "see" you again. :sad: Then too many days went by and then it felt awkward to say something after so long...........know what I mean? :unsure:

    Anyway, I'm glad you're doing well. Come back soon..............I miss ya! :hug:
    Hi Karina,

    I'm very happy that things are good and that you've found a job........even if it means you won't have much time for MJJC. :sad: I bet you're excited. Do you like it? I gonna miss you so much!...........miss you terribly already. :yes: :hug:

    My holidays were good........short but good. I had a great time. I hope you had a great time too. :)

    I am doing good........for the most part. My school semester ends May 4 and guess what? I'm not going back home this time, I'm staying here in San Antonio..............time to cut the umbilical cord. :fear: :lol: My sister Laura and I are moving into a two-bedroom apartment later this month......(I live in an apartment on campus grounds with two other girls atm). She attends college here in San Antonio too.........she is a law student..........I'm a pharmacy student. :D
    so... I'm writing this at from my college cause I just wanted to let you know that I'm not ignoring you :p I'm just not able right now to write you some long ass message :D ..and I can't do it from here cause every few minutes there comes some nosy-ass looking behind my shoulder what am I doing :wtf: and it annoys the shit out of me.. :coffee:

    so soon as I get my comp back I'll answere you! ;) :D

    'till then.. miss and luv ya! :huggy: :heart:
    Hey sweet twin of mine! :D

    Yes I got your mail and I have read it the next day you have send it :wild: (btw. thank you for it :huggy:)
    But as you know me.. I thought I'm gonna answer you later -_- :rolleyes2: .....but (as these things usually happen of course -_-) in the meanwhile my damn computer crashed :girl_tantrum: ('Windows' won't upload for some reason :blink:) so anyway my comp is in the service still (actually this guy I know that works at this service is working private at his home on servicing as well.. it's cheaper but takes a lil longer time cause he doesen't have the whole day to work on it.. and my comp isn't the only one he has to fix)
    Tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack tick tack :bored:
    I'm ready now. I currently own a Sony, so I want to try a different brand now.............maybe Nikon? :unsure: I've seen Ashton Kutcher advertising/promoting Nikon cameras on TV. :D I don't want it to be bulky. :nono: I want it to be small/medium that I can carry it in my purse, have a good zoom, and great colors.......if that's possible. About price, I don't know. I usually buy what I like and don't worry about price........it's easy to do when your parents are paying. :D But I'm a considerate person, :girl_whistle: so I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that I'll probably end up losing or dropping. :bugeyed I hope not! :pray: Anyway, I guess if it's anywhere up to $500.00, it'll be okay. What do you think?
    Oh no.... wait.... I'm not done yet!!! :bugeyed :doh:

    I forgot to leave you something.. :D It's a song that I just recently heard for the first time and now I'm listening it all the time.. either on YouTube or they play it on the radio all the time.. And I love it! :wild: Strangely, I'm still not sick of it.. :lmao:

    So I want to share it with you :hug: ...but you probably know it already by now.. :D


    Okay, now I'm done! :D I promise... -_-

    Actually I have no clue what else to say.. :scratch: ...I go now posting a little.. -_-

    And don't come to me complaining that I just leave you some crap-messages about nothing on your board and that I'm just ruining your precious board... blablablablabla... -_-

    See you later! :huggy:
    OMGGGGG!!!!! :lmao: :toofunny: Thank god I can read and edit this crap I write again, cause in the first message I wrote 'I hoe' instead of 'I hope'.. :hysterical: :hysterical:

    Nevermind... moving on.. :girl_whistle:
    And we need to meet up on msn!!!! :wild: I got some new smileys for you.. :shifty: And besides that I would like to talk to you again in real time.. :D :lmao: No.. hold up.. That's my first priority, the smileys are the second. Of course.. -_- :girl_whistle: I got some things to say!!!! And I will to do so, damn it!!!! :rant: And where are you now btw???? :rant: Finally I'm here on some decent hour cause I hoped I would find you here.. and you're nowhere!!!! :beee:
    Has this VMs allowed space reduced? :wtf: I haven't even write that long of a message, and it tells me that I have more than 1000 characters!!! :wtf: Seriously WTF???? :rant: I'm sure on our first VM-season I could write way more than this.. :blink: It's just annoying when I have to cut messages in half.. :sigh: -_-
    And another thing.. :D why is your write-message-box thingy :)blink:)... this box in which I write :)D) why is it so small? I feel a little claustrophobic in here.. :lmao: Can you change the size? :unsure: For me???? :girl_flirt: :D
    So anyway (I know I use this 'So anyway' a lot :doh: but I don't know how else to make my point :thinking: I don't care.. -_- I stick with it.. -_-) SO ANYWAY this guy, who's something like my boss :D cause he brings me my merchandise and comes to take all the packages that I compiled, he came to me on Monday afternoon with some special inox-screws and tells me that he URGENTLY needs 1000 packages with this screws till Wednesday morning!!! :bugeyed
    SO ANYWAY :)doh: :lmao:) I had A LOT of work to do.. :dropdead:
    I DONE IT!!!!!! :wild: I DONE IT!!!!!! :jumpy:

    Sorry that you had to wait for 'Part five' two days.. but it wasn't cause I was delaying it again.. -_- nor was I lazy.. -_- or anything else similarly.. -_- Actually it was something totally contrary.. I WAS BUSY!!!! :sigh: Do you remember when I was explaining to you that I have this home-job where I assemble (can I use this word :scratch:) screws for auto-tables??? I hope you do... if not, then go through your VM-history and refresh your memory.. -_- :D
    Soooo... your PM-box is full and I can't send you 'Part five'... -_-

    Finally I start writing and you don't even have your box ready for me... pffff.. -_-
    Hi Karina,

    Since you are a good photographer, you probably are familiar with cameras? :unsure: Like I told you, I'm going to see the Immortal World Tour soon and I want to take good pictures. So I was wondering if maybe you could recommend a good camera? Any suggestions on what kind I shoud buy? I would appreciate any info you can give me. :)

    PS. I want a good camera, but at the same time I don't want to have to read a 3-inch manual to learn how to operate it. :lol: I just wanna click and be done with. Is there such a camera out there? :D
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