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  • Yes, I liked it. The beast was so sweet at times. :D

    I absolutely liked it! Great story. :yes: I already got the second one. :wild:
    Yeah, probably. :lol:
    I watched Beauty and the Beast, I didn't expect there to be so much singing. :rofl:
    And I finished the book. :D
    I absoulutely understand. :lol: But why is that? :eek:

    And thanks, we had a lot of fun. :D Today was our last skiing day, tomorrow we'll go back home.
    We didn't go after all, noone had time. :sleep: But I will probably go next week, I'm on vacation this week, skiiing. :D

    Thanks. :)
    Not yet, but I will go watch it on Saturday. :wild: Have you?

    Btw, I passed my exam. :clap:
    I'm sure you are not. :nono:
    I used to be a very lazy student, and I still am, I get distracted so easily. :doh: But I really want to get this done now. :timer:
    You have nerve. :lol: I couldn't wait until the last minute, I would go crazy. :coockoo:
    Well I can reassure you. Usually I also don't start this early. :D It's just an extreme difficult and complex suject. :sigh:
    I'm not sure yet if I started studying early enough. :blink:
    Nope, in two weeks. :timer:
    And studying is getting more annoying every day. :girl_tantrum:
    Cool! Congrats! So you're still doing that? :D

    I'm busy too, with studying for my exam... :sigh: ... glady I have to work today, so I can't study all day long. :lol:
    You can't stay at the same place during your placement year? :eek: But you have a lot of time I guess. :thinking:
    Interesting! I won't have any practical knowledge when I finished my degree and get a job. :bugeyed
    I wish you good luck! :yes:
    So you have two more years left until you have your degree? :unsure:
    Good idea. Maybe you are lucky and they will need some more time to figure it out. :D
    You mean the blue fairy I guess? She's a bit annoying, I agree, but why evil? :rofl:
    Yeah, i will probably watch it too, cause I just love the show so much. :D

    I thought you will like that. :rofl:
    If it was the ending, then it was a great ending. :agree:
    But I'm not sure if I can stand another season, with all the plot twist and herat racing moments. :blink::lol: After that last episode I was done. :dropdead: But it was awesome. :D

    ... I heard maybe they will do something like the abominable bride again, so only one episode at a time...

    Cool. I shortly had to remember what happend at the end, but a I got it. It was an interesing ending. :shifty:

    Yes, this song fits perfectly. :lmao:
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