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  • Cool! Where are you now at OuaT? :shifty:

    Then you were lucky. :D Cool teachers you don't get so often.... :thinking: :p
    Me too. :ph34r:

    Yes, that is true. Reading this book is probably also a lot more fun than your course last year. :D
    I don't want it to end either. :cry: :pray:

    Yeah. :hysterical:

    Just one day to go. I'm not ready for the season finale yet. :bugeyed

    Cool! :D Just go on, I guess the further you get, the faster you will be. I think I wouldn't have the patience to read a book in any other language than german or english. :bow: I already sometimes have problems with english books. :lol: :doh:
    Yes, probably, how will we stand that?!?! :girl_tantrum:
    Although I heard this might be the last season? :eek:

    Yeah, It was okay, but not really good.... I gladly didn't have high expectations. :p
    OH MY GOD!!!! :bugeyed My laptop battery gave up about 20 seconds before the end, and I was already in shook, and now John gets shot?!?!?:cry: :girl_tantrum:
    I can't... I really can't either...:dropdead:
    :woohoo: ... No I haven't seen it yet, will watch it this evening. :shifty:

    I've also seen the DW Christmas special. :yes: You too?
    Yes, I know. :cry: Poor John. :(
    But I think I have to rewatch it, cause I didn't get everything the first time.
    I haven't really started yet, I'm looking forward to it. :wild:

    Happy new year! :hug:
    It's "Color the Sidewalk for me". It was I nice story, I finished it today, I had never heard of her either... :D

    I bought the Magnus Bane Chronicles. :wild:
    So I should better wait until semester break. :D

    I don't know the title in english, I have to look it up. :thinking: The author ist Brandilyn Collins.
    Sounds kinda interesting. :thinking: I should add it to my list. :D

    I'm reading a book from my mom at work, it's not that good, but it gets better the further I read. :p
    Cool. :wild: What is it about? :D I'm always intersted in good books. :D

    Merry Christmas! :hug:
    You just have to take the time. :p :lol:

    So you are also a star wars fan. :D ... I don't know why I don't like it so much. :thinking:
    Ohh, then it's about time you watch it again! :D ... This season is a lot better than the one with the underwolrd! I can't wait for the second half. :shifty:

    So I guess you also haven't kept up with SPN? :p
    I know the feeling. I can't keep up with everything at uni lately. :sigh: I'm so glad when christmas is here and we have holidays for two weeks. :timer:
    Cool. :lol:
    The movies got boring after some time (I watched them too often) but this time I really enjoyed them again for some reason. :D
    Yes, I know. :wild: ... They wanna make four more movies, I'm curious what they will do with it. And Grindelwald will sure play a big role in them. :thinking: :D
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