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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Re: New MJ content? I like The Weeknd , it would be cool if that happened i guess the collab for a track from 80's too like J.T's LNFSG
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    How excited would you be if... hypothetical

    Better than nothing ..i prefer Dangerous/HIStory concert release anyway give me any thing
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    HIStory 25 and Dangerous 30 release petition

    So it seems like the idea of resuming albums anniversary celebrations has gone and giving the fans albums like "Scream" is better !
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    HIStory 25 and Dangerous 30 release petition

    I hope the bad decision is releasing one box set celebrating both albums because they were so close to each other and had the climax of Michael's music and personality.
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    HIStory 25 and Dangerous 30 release petition

    I wonder if they don't want to release dangerous 30 or history 25 why they released Bad 25??! Are they upset from the fans or something?
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    HIStory 25 and Dangerous 30 release petition

    I think Estate will do something i don't know what it is .."out of the subject" i like the members avatars nice tribute to my country.
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    When was the first time Michael came into your lives

    It was the summer of 1996 the song was TDCAU everyday on the radio it was insane when it comes i turn the volume louder specially the guitar intro i loved the energy in his voice he was different music voice every thing then i started buying any cassette tapes MJ's on its cover i still have...
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    Remembering Michael on June 25th...Around the World

    Re: Remembering Michael on June 25th...around the world I rarely make a post but i miss michael he makes me happy in my hard times his music will live forever .
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    New Duet? MJ + Bruno Mars

    I hope so i want any new MJ music I think the MJ JT duet succeeded why not do it again with another singer with a good talent Also The xscape project was a good try maybe they will do it again with more care .
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    Blood On The Dance Floor 2017 [Music video]

    Re: Michael Jackson Scream - The Album ^ Cool i like there shows
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    What Michael would be donig if he was'nt a singer ?

    In my opinion he could be a goalkeeper because he had a long arms and big hands :D
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    MJ MusicDay in Lille (France) with Brad Buxer & Michael Prince

    What is the name of the song at the end of the teaser ?! \
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    Spike Lee announces Off The Wall Documentary - Estate Announcement Page 66

    Re releasing re releasing so what ? just release the documentary if there is no unreleased tracks