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  • Thanks for trying in that thread. You can tell who talks with the eyes of society at women as the 'faulty one', who has unprocessed rage and who has been there and knows that this situation is not black or white. Most people don't seem to get that everyone in a family is a victim.

    There were a number of abuser survivers who absolutely cannot stomach that commentary.

    The thread is actually a pretty good mirror of most of the myths and blaming that society has to domestic violence and abuse in general and and how it mostly views women. People don't seem to understand that it is exactly these attitudes of hostility toward women that make it even harder for women to get out of these situations- and then she gets even more hatred. Very sad.

    As long as one person speaks up in that atmosphere of lit torches, that's good. They are definitely not speaking in my name and I know they are not speaking in your name either.
    LUCKY!! That's fantastic! Yeah, he was pretty good in Pirates, but I think his best performance has been the Quills one, even if the film was historically inaccurate. I think de Sade would have liked to die that way anyway, as opposed to peacefully in his bed, which is how he really died.
    I love when I can look at someone's art and the signature is there before even seeing a signature. Meaning the style is so much their own that you know who the artist is before seeing their name. You have that. Your art is so fun and free flowing. Very nice.
    Is that your own art in your signature? I clicked the link and spent some time enjoying that page. :)
    Thank you. You know, speaking about Jackson family, I myself raised my eyebrows more than one over the last two years at some of their actions. But I do believe that people are to be judged action by action and any criticism can be done in respectful manner.
    Morning sweetie!!! :hug: Feeling a bit better?

    Remember to smile!! It makes a difference! :flowers: :D
    Sweetie!!! Smile! Nothing is so important to keep you sad!!! :hug: You deserve to feel good! Bad things happen... but don't last forever!!! :better:

    Aww hello there, How are you?? I saw you were quite upset there are you okay? :(
    I hope you feel bad, nothing can plague us for too long, only if we let it bother us,
    Keep your head up, there is nothing placed along our shoulders no more than we can bear
    the anger will deplete, try to smile throughout!
    Haha wow that is pretty unfortunate! You should have gotten ones to help you! LOL Yes I am settling in pretty nicely, I have to purchase furniture now, and that might be a pain as well, prices at the moment are incredibly, one grand for a living room set.. the insanity!
    Yes we shall speak soon, How have you been?

    Thanks for taking time out to leave me such a lovely message. Really made me smile. Big hugs!
    I hope you feel better :better: Take care, flu can be really bad this time of the year! :lmao: It's not I like animation! But I always post in his VM funny gifs... but I agree with you... better the traditional way! :yes:

    Hope to see you soon! ;)
    Hello there friend, How are you?
    I am making y rounds to those I haven't replied too, and yes I agree the intellectualness of our conversation was quite stimulating indeed I am sorry that I did ramble of course it was 3 in the morning.. I get strange and uninhabitable inside my mind during that time, and dozing as well. :lol: :lol:
    don't worry the fact you could identify and understand my reasonings on some things was impressive, most haven't a clue of what im relaying to them lol :lol:!
    But thank you, I'm glad you thought it was stimulating for the mind as well, hope to revamp that sometime soon!
    :sleep: It should be "hey girl" actually! :lmao: But you are right! Just a number! ;)

    ima go to sleep... 3:11 am here :bugeyed Hope to see you soon! :bye:
    :agree: You are right! Good point.... I've lived the best decades ;)

    You made me a :girl_happy:
    :hysterical: It took me a week to get my avatar! :girl_whistle:

    But no prob now :smarty: .... but still old! :lol:
    :lol: I had to ask the girls to explain to me how to make it work! :blush: Too old for that! :lmao:
    :lol: Yeah.... it's like a drug! I'm usually just here... and from time to time msn!
    You'll meet all of us soon... but these days it's a bit messy... getting used to new layout and regulations! :sleep:

    We are usually a funny bunch of people... but don't expect much in a few days! But don't leave us... just be patient till we are ourselves again! :hug:
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