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  • helloo just something funny that happened today I want to share :D ; so there's these random magazines in our class room at school and I just decided to take the one in the bottom of the pile.. and just guess what happened that magazine to be! :p Autosport with huge pic of Kimi in the cover. I just thought it was funny. (the other mags definitely weren't sport magazines, I think that's the only one.)
    hey I just got the email you sent me and guess what I have that same picture as my wallpaper :D
    yeah you should!!! i don't know anything about it either, and i'll just follow it for kimi but you should !!! lol at least a place to post pics of kimi and news (for me because i don't go any of his forums or rally sites :( ) or would it be easier just to create a thread simply for kimi.. lol
    aww :( *hugs* yeah well i understand that.. i just miss the good ol days in the f1 thread, haha :(
    we'll have more fun in the rally thread which has to be made someday lol! :D
    aww great! :D i haven't seen him yet even on tv! :eek:

    btw, sunday was again finland's independence day "party" and i sooo missed seeing kimi walking there with jenni :( i can't believe it's already two years since they were there.
    én is sajnos bőgök egyfolytában rá gondolok, szóval ha nézek egy topikot már nem oszt nem szoroz sajna :(
    de most örülök, láttad a karácsonyi videot? küldtél lapot? annyira szép lett :)
    poén...dehát attól még, hogy vki nem ezer éve tag itt lehet régebb óta is fan, mint én (pl. Te is)...azoknak is kellett volna adni akik az MJNO-ról jöttek át a megszűnés miatt...hátha lesz majd vmi. mostanában mondjuk ritkábban járok erre
    i saw it on wednesday too and i loved it.. i've never seen a movie theatre that full in this city! the whole experience was amazing, michael looked and sounded so good.. it's not fair he's not here anymore :(
    hey kinga do you have facebook account? just popped to my head :) we could be friends there if you have :)
    Hey, I'm going to Hungary this tuesday for vacation. I was there two years ago with my family, going this time too. It's a nice countrey :)
    me too these whole days feel so surreal :no:
    i feel like i have lost my emotions i just can't feel anything..
    hi Kinga
    I just read from one magazine about 10 the most admired males and females in Finland.. it's not hard to guess who was there since I'm telling this to you :D but Kimi was 10th and there was only 1 man besides him who wasn't a politician! I think that's pretty good ;D
    LOL Kinga, I just had the best dream last night, I was Kimi's sister :lol:
    It was weird, I wrote about it in the dreams thread if you want to read :D
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