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  • oh chiiiiiiile don't forget, jan jan jan on mtv today at 1230 behind the whatever for the vma's or whatever....ya know awdachaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiin
    omg y'all leaving me cuz i said that the hard rock wasn't too far from the strip. look, th eluxor spotlight! lol what? u ain't ever been smaped before? omg y r they hating on toy? ugh belike mike in the bently....UGH
    girl i always think of "Brother" when i dream about bean pies. man, u need to leave kabloooey and help me and zz terrorize las smapest! omg flpj gon' have to go now. and then we'll all officially be MWA!'s the pooder?
    im so sad. they went out of business...omg. remember how mad and irritated i was. i actually cried. u kno wwhat i want? bean pie. let's go to fresa NO UH and get sum
    we be on normandie and western lol damit when we couldn' tget home. and we knew we was going the right way cuz of ace karaoke! omg girl they done closed down. it's a rug shop now. im sad
    ah hell here we go don't act up miss conspiracy demon! lol look at my butt look at my butt look at my butt
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