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  • Hi 👋 KOPV how you doing u wrote that you think that mj would have sing with even more emotions why whould you think that?
    And what does it mean sound young?
    I really appreciated your comments in the Lifetime tv show thread, especially on page 4. Thank you for your wise words, especially for giving credit to Prince for his judgement and for not jumping on the "lets-insult-the-family" wagon which can have such easy tickets, at times almost for free.
    hey KOPV man! i havent been around much either! things just arent the same anymore *sigh* im glad youre well!
    Hi KOPV,

    i want to edit your pictures and replace the english text with german translation, to advertise the album in germany. Can you send me the original files in HQ ?
    whats up KOPV! long time no speak, cant say im really looking forward the new album but ill still have a listen :)
    Come to share that audio yet? Bet not!
    Hey I just read your post about meeting him 7 days prior and getting memorial tickets and the chances of that... then clicked on here and saw your birthday the same as my best friend and she always has things like that happen to her. For example, she was ill so we missed the Prince concert I got tickets for her to go to, we got another day luckily and Elton John turned up(another of her favourites) not only that he sang the 'Long and Winding Road' a song which was her song only the month before as she walked across Spain... many more things like that have happened to her that I've witnessed. June 17th must be a special day :)
    It's a shame people like you have to lie to think you fit in.
    I just felt like finding it to read some of yesterday and couldn't find it. Really a shame it's gone. Seems most things I work really hard for or get attached to or really enjoy eventually disappear, so I can understand the frustration or disappointment. Though I suppose the things that truly matter in life are still here...as you say, you (the creator of..) are still around which is more important than the thread :) Take care!
    hey kopv my best friend,how have u been? who is this mystery guy?

    p.s. did i mention ur my new best friend? :)
    Hey Kopv haven't seen you in awhile here on the forum. Hope all is well and please come back and bring us some info.
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