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  • no me neither I have been waiting the full 8 weeks and almost the 28 working days and no email responses at all, it's starting to really bug me. shame about it really I aswell wanted to order more of there aswell.
    Thanks for accepting my request KOPV, how are you today? Did you have a nice weekend?
    Bra you should be a PI, i mean it, last time I heard you saying you nearly got hold of MJ footage that was not allowed to be aired from somewhere,now THIS!! You're the man..
    Hey when did I miss your birthday??? Happy Belated Birthday! Thank you so much for informing us on certain things that is going on in regards with Michael's album. You rock Kopv and you deserve some more points!
    Hey KOPV! I saw your pics of you and your wife, looks as though yall had a great time in Cali. Thanks for keeping us informed with many interesting Topics in you thread Past and Present.
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