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  • Oops! :lol:

    Well, you still fail.

    Ermmmm no I dn't mind. My name is Francesca. I get called Chesc mostly, sometimes Cesc.. or Fabregas... on account of Francesc 'Cesc' Fabregas!

    Oh my days.. its early morning again. Do you ever sleep boiii? Shiiit.. I better goooo. Up at 6am to catch a stupid ass train. To see my stupid ass wonderful cousin.
    Oh, no no :nono: I just wouldn't upload the picture if I thought that! Oh but wait.. you mean they don't really think that.. ahh I see the whole point now :doh:. I'm tired. Anyway no, I don't do that. :lol:
    LoL what do you mean? Nawwh I don't tend to write anything at all on the image caption, unless its descriptive for example 'me and uncle paul at......'
    Awh thnks.

    I also don't want to look like a poser.... I just took it cause I curled my hair for the first time since I got it chopped.
    Well it's not good enough, you fail.

    I also have an 'impromptu' one but its going to have to be a copy and paste job from my facebook and we both know what happened last time I tried to copy and paste something onto this forum.

    Maybe I'll post it and you can tell me if its me, or a picture of *ahem* something else.
    I know, I just can't stand lies. I only wanted to correct one point. I aint going back now.

    By the way, what was that blurry photo contribution. Crap photographic skills. :p
    Please stop me letting myself get involved with pointless shiz. Its sad.

    Have you seen?
    Nono, I was implying that you flirted with me.

    ohsnap forum

    And yes, the thread was deleted NOM NOM NOM.
    the roof is not up .
    cos the roof is on fire .
    cos the partays so hot
    its just gettin wilder :wild:
    o i c. fail on her part then.

    By the way, I went through this "OMG INTERWEBZ BOOM HEADSHOT 4CHAN" phase like 2 years ago when I used to play SA:MP (SAN ANDREAS MULTIPLAYER - OH YEAH BABY), then it stopped (I got a girlfriend) and now you're bringing it back out in me.
    Holy shit. I was trying to look for one of her videos and then I found out that she's been kicked off YouTube or some shxt. Can you explain to me what happened to her in a nutshell?!!?!

    I have seen her before actually. Someone showed me a video of her and I didn't think much of it.. But those pictures you posted reminded me of the MJ one I posted.

    Actually, watching a few more videos from this guy, he seems quite funny. He's like one of us but cooler and blacker.
    Shit happens. OH him.. I don't find him funny but at all. He's very annoying.

    And boring.
    Okay, so you sent that a while ago, but I got thinking.. "That message was rather short.. surely it didn't bypass the filter". Then I realised. YOU FUCKING /B/TARD YOU STOLE MY IDEA.<
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