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  • Oh, there is a difference. A 1091kbps difference in most cases, but as I said, it's undetectable.
    yeah but mp3 is more compatible than wav especially on itunes, plus the quality difference between a 320kbps mp3 and a lossless wav file is virtually unetectable.
    Believe me, I do own a majorty of stuff. But I refuse to buy those gay greatest hit compilations with like one new song on. fin
    I know silly. I saw that before. After-death fans suck.

    I too used to use Limewire. Now I use uTorrent, and strive to have my whole music collection in 320kbps mp3.

    I actually sent this about half an hour ago.. on my own profile. I'm such a silly sally.
    Hey dude. I was downstairs playing with my pussy cat. OMG YOU BECAME A FAN AFTER MJ DIED! BAND-WAGONER!
    IT'S A SECRET LMAOO. Well actually, what you do is: type whatever you want in caps, and then write something short in white afterwards. The whiteness is invisible to the naked eye!
    Couldn't agree more. There have been countless occasions where I've wanted to spam with caps. I think I've worked out a way to do it though. See above.
    I got my first PS3 back in 2007 for Christmas. It was a 60gb launch model.. Quite a rarity at that point (I think). I sold it on eBay in late 2009 due the the ridiculous fan noise (it was VERY loud). Of course, I didn't mention that in the eBay listing ad.

    I got a PS3 slim with Assassin's Creed 2 straight after, and guess what? IT GOT YLOD. I had the bastard for 2 WEEKS. And it broke on CHRISTMAS EVE. Typical. I was gutted.. I'd got so far on Assassin's Creed 2. Luckily they replaced it straight the way. This one hasn't broken..yet.
    G.E.C. brings a partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,


    Lookin good dude! I posted there. Agh its 3.32am.. I'm going to bed!


    Oops. Didn't see your reply.

    My grandparents live in the same village and we do their shopping for them every week, because they can't do it themselves, so I see them most weeks.

    I know.. :doh: stupid. There can be a lot of bad things with the internet...and nobody can control it at all...sometimes there are times when I wish someone could.
    Yehh I suppose thats true. Whats the £10 from? My gran gives me £10 a week still.. sometimes £20 :lol: Yehh I don't spend much, except when I venture into a clothing shop/online clothing shop... or go on a night out, but thats quite rare anyway.

    That video.. its bad what they're doing and its bad it's on the net.. it may be found by a group of perverted individuals who will really enjoy watching that :(

    Hah I might upload another chop and all that. I shall go look at you now LoL.
    Hah, I know what you mean. I reluctantly applied for 3 today...

    It is adorable. You've seen it before?? Should have guessed, you like videos of cute things :D like that otter and munchkin kitten.

    OMG that video of those kids dancing.. how disturbing was that? Was the thread deleted?
    Holy crap. I was only staying up because you were. I thought "If this prepubescent boy can get go to sleep at around 3am and be up for 7am, then so can I". I guess this is it then. Goodnight. I L.O.V.E you. Keep the Faith x
    Your lack of humour disturbs me. Just kidding, I have to hand it to you, that was pretty funny. I'm skeptical as to whether I should post a picture of myself in that thread. What do you think (sexy)?
    Interesting. Cool that the college let you do that. So you don't have exams or work to do for that then for the end of the academic year?? Music technology.. what exactly do you learn about then - like how to make music? So you don't want to do that kind of thing in the future then, like as a job?
    same here, most of my friends are busy revising for exams/doing coursework. mehh. do you not have exams soon?
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