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  • amazing?! come on now... anyway, thank u. well listen I liked yours and I'm always right...but feel free to upload another one anyway! I think I'm having my hair cut this week before my friend's birthday, I cannot go on night out with it in this state. Oh and by the way, why have you not cried whilst watching/listening to MJ?!
    Well I did have my location as Neverland at one point.. though I don't think you really thought I lived in the Neverland now did you. :lol:

    I live near Manchester. In a poopy boring village that sits in a valley between three hills. I live at the bottom of Pendle Hill.. I'm basically in the middle of a load of fields, sheep, lambs, cows and horses. The other day I had to chase a sheep out of our garden and try to get it back into the field.

    I miss living in a city.. lived in Liverpool for 3 yrs when I was at Uni.
    You did? No I'm not American I wonder what made you think that...? I'm from the UK like you .:)
    Lol. Strange isn't it. Well tonights conversation took an unexpected twist!

    Well I didn't see it but from your description yuup, wrong. I didn't even know what hotlinking is until tonight, so I've learnt something anyway.

    I've also learnt your name is Chris.. so now maybe I don't have to type out Giant Enemy Cat every time I talk about/to you!
    Oh crap did I?!

    Right, here goes the long drawn out explanation :lol:

    So, you told me the link I posted went to a bad picture but what I didn't realise until now was that you still didn't get the right photo when I said ''Uh ohh what did I do? What was the first pic??? Was it not this?'' and posted on your wall,instead you saw the bad picture right there on your wall! Arghhh! :/ To me both times (link and wall)it was a black & white photo of a guy with cool hair!

    So when you told me ''Don't forget to remove the one in the third post's just right in my face, lol. :puke:'' I thought you were making a joke about the guy and his haircut - that you didn't like him/his hair and you wanted me to remove it :lol:.

    Its so strange you saw the other 'thing' both times, I didn't see that ever :/.

    OMG I hope nobody else saw it! 'Was it not this?' - and then that picture you saw...:doh:
    Oh good :)

    But hold on a sec.. did I post the actual 'bad' photo on your wall? I thought you were just joking about the picture of the guy, my head is confused.

    Yeh that cut is nice :)
    You are confusing me but I'm deleting anyway. :lol:

    By the way that dude had good hair!
    Eeeeeeep :lol: you want him removed too?

    Have I removed the bad link? .. none of the others do that do they?
    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blushing: I'm sorry! I don't know why you get that, that was not what it was meant to be! Eeeeeep.


    Oh dear.
    :lol: Hahah! That worked out well for you, sly!

    I think long hair looks coooool on guys! Its hot.

    Have you got photos of cuts you like? I normally take pictures in with me. I hate going to the hairdresser though.. you're just sat their staring in the mirror and they take least where I go.

    You mean this -

    [removed. you did not mean this :blushing:]

    Or shorter and swept to the side like this..

    How about this.. its long in places.. but.. vertical.
    :eek: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo :angel:

    I like your long hair! How short are you going to have it? Like.. short short?

    I need mine cut so bad, I've needed it cut for ages :closedeyes:
    She might look cute but she can be vicious when she wants to be! I have the scars to prove it :lol:

    Hello thx for answering. Well, since the website doesnt work + i tried it weeks ago and it didnt work ill choose Adobe, what is the exact name of the version i should download ? Is it ok if i download the french version ? (maybe u wont be able to help me in terms of what to click on if i choose the french one)
    Hello how r u ? Sorry for disturbing but i just been told that u knew how to make gifs outta videos, could you tell me about it when you have some time please ? :)
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