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  • Lol. well thanks. same kind of wow applies to you, though i told you that already :cheeky:

    Ahh no :( even short haired ones? I have a cat called Chloe.

    Here she is -

    Hey there. Lol. Who do you think it is? Tis me. Listen, I asked you for a munchkin kitten.. so.. where is it? :D
    OMG that video, the otter posing with the teddy at the beginning haha! :lol: It has a kind of 'because i'm worth it' look on its face like 'yes I'm cute'. And when the dog first appeared hahaha! Awh. The music enhanced the cuteness too :D

    A munchkin kitten.. I haven't heard of those before but its CUTE and I want it! :D
    where are you getting them from?? ps. the emphasis should have been 'cuuuuuute' not 'cuteeeeee' - I see now that makes no sense!
    awwww I see Im not the first one to comment on your siggy! Its so cute n funny :lol:
    Loving your hair! I'm growing mine out as well. About 10 months and no hair cut so far.
    Do you want a signature/avatar to you profile here?
    Or do you want a wallpaper/banner etc something like that?
    I Will sure make a one to you.
    You just only have to show me some picture and text you want in!

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