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  • Thankyou so much. Likewise, I am always here to listen too if you need.
    Love is my message as MJ would say! :cheeky: Take care xx
    You're welcome! You seem cool! Also, my brother loves Nirvana so you remind me of him in a way. I cried like a baby the day after MJ died and he text me a quote from his suicide note. "It's better to burn out than to fade away" :cry:
    Sorry for rambling on. =/
    Ahh Maryhill the most friendliest place on Earth, i have a couple of friends who stay up there, although same could be said for Clydebank when it comes to friendlyness lol
    Sorry for the long reply, I'm from Clydebank not particularly well known lol but its famous for Ship Building, where you from>
    hi, I suggest you to read Michael Jackson conspiracy by Aphrodite Jones. Equip yourself with facts and truth about MJ!
    your profile is set to receive PMs from only 'contacts' and the administration of MJJCommunity. For someone to send a PM to you, they will need to be one of your 'contacts/friends'. If you are attempting to send yourself a PM, you will need to add yourself to your 'contacts' Or you can choose to receive PMs from people other than just your 'contacts/friends'.

    I made that choice for you just now ;)

    You should be able to receive a PM from any member. If you want the original option in place, you can switch it back in your 'UserCP'
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