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  • hey Love! How are ya? :) ty for the rep, that was sweet! Hopefully all is well with you! :hug:
    Hey girl! :D How ya doin'?? :) Hope you have fun with your family :)
    I just wanna say congrats!!! You have over 17,000 posts!!! :D ...even if I was not here to see that :ermm: Well, I'm happy for you my friend!!
    Have more fun! See you soon Tiia (I hope)!! *hugs* ^_^
    yea..seeya soon, tomorrow morning im leaving, hope your having a great time in your summer cottage! HUG *mwauh lool*
    Yes, I'm having a great day, 'cause you are always so nice to me! *hugs* ;)...and thanks. ^_^
    Yes I'm going to Helsinki, I just googled and Itäkeskus has a beautiful shopping centre =O. Ohh yeahh I absolutely like to shop ;P. But hey I'm going now, gonna see Fresh prince of bel air. Will is so hot there ahehaha, talk to ya later byee! *HUG*
    Mann you've 3 and a half month vacation! Thats awesome! anyway with Christmas im going to Finland and Russia with my sister for 5 days xP okay now im luckyy aahha. Now tell me, where is the best place to shop at in Finland, im sure your an shop - expert xD ?
    woahh! Lucky you! o_O Mine just started friday, and it ends on the 2nd of september. I have luck with nothing :p
    Thank you xD loool how long is your vacation?? I bet it's longer than mine xP
    Sounds fun, I'm sure you had a great time! You won't believe this, my vacation just began. Next week I'm going to North Korea =D

    *does that mean we can play HHCYC ? xP*
    Oh hello! Im doing good, and you?? How was your vacation, or are you still there? xP
    oh wow that sounds SO good ,over here we have nothing like that haaaaaa aww you have a LOVELY time with the ones u love babes ,
    its going well hun ! jus chilllin u kno, time to take a bath soon though and hows you ?
    heeey! I haven't talked to you in such a loooong time! :p hope your doing well..well, I'll see ya, byee!
    You have a great week! Tell Michael I said hi and to take care of himself :p
    You just keep blessing me with rep, doncha, you lovely girl, you! Thank you so much! *hugs*
    Er... Southern hemisphere is the south part of the globe. The seasons of the year (i.e spring, summer, winter and fall) are inverted here. So when up there on the north part of the globe is summer, down here it's winter. Got it? :)

    By the way, I live in Brazil. :)
    oh, so your summer holiday is in june and july?
    In some places it's in july and august...

    Well, I live in the southern hemisphere. So it will be my winter vacation. So it's only one month - only July.
    The end of our term is in the end of the year, and that's when our summer holidays takes place (in December and January).
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