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    Random videos, songs etc...

    Okay I just had to post this :lol: This is finnish humor, try not to laugh :mello:
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    Kiss or Diss?

    kiss :D life?
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    Post a random smiley

    Re: post a random smiley :huggy:
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    Post your mood in ONE word

    :huggy: Me too, hope she's okay. ~Very tired right now
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    Say It In Four Words

    Re: Say it in Four Words We need all hope
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    Say it in Three Words

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    Change a Letter

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    Kiss or Diss?

    kiss love?
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    ............. Is what I need

    Time to think
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    Funny Word Game

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    Say it In Two Words

    I'm back :)
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    Let's Count!

    Re: How High Can we Count? 5593.........
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    *How low can we go?*

    Re: *how low can we go?* 5416.........
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    A-Z of Locations

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    What is your weather like?

    Re: whats your weather like? Only 10 degrees and rainy :eek: