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  • I hope you come back ............and that some time we will get back to the positive side of things? Hope you are doing well, all things considered:)
    Hi LJ
    leaving you some love
    I understand your feelings
    it breaks my heart to read all
    the speculation and attacks
    I feel very uneasy about it

    I want to focus on the beautful
    things about MJ but even those threads
    get hijacked into accusations of everyone
    who knew Michael _ I hope our board gets
    back to focusing on Michael instead of witch
    hunts _ and I hope you will return soon to help
    us do that_ luv yu, :huggy: Mickie
    Yeah, I'm tired of the finger-pointing too. I just want to know the truth! Why is that so darn hard?!?
    i'm good also, thanks!
    just busy and tired all the time, but i'll manage :)
    take care hun :huggy:
    Yepp, I know what you mean.
    What I found funniest was how when the photos and the clip of him rehearsing appeared, everyone, EVERYONE agreed that they were proof Michael was perfectly fine and he was murdered... and now, those same people are going: "I knew there was something wrong with him, he didn't look well at all!!!" :rolleyes2:
    I swear, people see what they are told to see...
    Though I read about everything that's posted, I haven't put as much effort into understanding what's pointless now, and it's most likely we'll never know either...too many parties with conflicting interests involved...
    I just know I miss Michael terribly....

    Yeah, can't wait for a proper vacation :) The past month has been nothing but ongoing stress.
    I feel old though, starting Uni :mello:
    I'm ok too, just came back from an exam, one more left to go and I'm free :)
    Checking the latest on the forum now...sadly, I feel that everything about this "investigation" is gloomier by day.
    Changing the subject a bit - do you know anything about chaos? I know he was supposed to go to Pakistan this summer, but nothing more. I wrote him an email after this whole mess started, but haven't heard from him since. I have barely been on MSN these past months, and (as usual) whenever I was on, he wasn't. So we've barely kept in touch this year.
    Putting it short - if you know something I don't, please let me in on it :lol:
    I know what you mean about time. It is indeed time-consuming, these past few months when I haven't been online I've been asking myself how on earth did I manage to spend so much time on the forum in the past years, lol.
    The only difference is that I stopped coming cause of studies, not for social reasons, it never really affected my social life.
    But you were the "big bad mod" as well, so it was a bit more difficult for you, I guess :p
    Right now I need to be here though; at least until we know something about the autopsy/toxicology results, and about the future of those kids. Along with this suffocating pain, there's also a lot of fear in my heart. For his family, his legacy, his private life, everything. I know there is nothing I can do about them, but I can't help worrying.
    I know it's not the same, many people have left and the atmosphere is far from the one from 2 years ago.
    Yet being here has helped me beyond words. Not just the forum itself, but also seeing many of the "oldies" from mjjforum. That's why it saddens me to hear that you are once again leaving.
    Not get me wrong, I'm not saying it in an angry way or anything close to that. I know how difficult it is for everyone. It just saddens me, that's all.
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