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  • Hi Buddy,

    Hope you didn't take my post the wrong way, its hard to get across a message sometimes when its in type.
    I also don't believe its Mike in the song, in fact after listening to it for the first time and in the first 5 secs I just said 'Who the feck is this?' and I never buy into the conspiracy theories and just shrugged of the family saying it wasn't him... But I just thought that there are a few people that believe its the real deal and they need a thread to their own.
    Btw - I think you make some quality posts which I agree with a lot of the time so repped accordingly. :)

    I'm befriending you cos of your post regarding Randy Jackson giving a teddy to that sick child. I actually thought it was a lovely genuine touching act of kindness too. :yes:
    that's how i've always seen it lmao. When I see LTD, I think it's for me!! lmao!!!

    Out title is on a lot of different things, even cars ;)
    Haha same. I really do need a job but im afraid to go out and get one. I also have my third attempt at my driving test coming up next week :( I couldnt stand failing again, but im afraid I might. :\ xxx
    Good good. Well, I feel really quite sad again..I don't know what it is, I think it happens each time it gets near to the 25th. :( I didn't think I'd still feel like this.. grrrrrr. My days are too empty, I need a job! x
    Hey L.T.D.
    Thanks for your input and interesting replies for getting MJ to number 1 maybe for his bday! :) xxx
    Hey , i can not remove the thread , what can i do ?? i don't want to be banned ...
    adding you to my friends so I could keep track of your post count. See? I'm already 3 posts behind. Something needs to be done...
    hi mate, wow your from merseyside, so am i! Fancy teaming up, there are other fans close and i am sure thers going to be loads to talk about now.
    i just registered on there, and i found the second part, but it went onto limewire. is it supposed to or what?
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