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  • Hi Buddy,

    Hope you didn't take my post the wrong way, its hard to get across a message sometimes when its in type.
    I also don't believe its Mike in the song, in fact after listening to it for the first time and in the first 5 secs I just said 'Who the feck is this?' and I never buy into the conspiracy theories and just shrugged of the family saying it wasn't him... But I just thought that there are a few people that believe its the real deal and they need a thread to their own.
    Btw - I think you make some quality posts which I agree with a lot of the time so repped accordingly. :)

    I'm befriending you cos of your post regarding Randy Jackson giving a teddy to that sick child. I actually thought it was a lovely genuine touching act of kindness too. :yes:
    that's how i've always seen it lmao. When I see LTD, I think it's for me!! lmao!!!

    Out title is on a lot of different things, even cars ;)
    Haha same. I really do need a job but im afraid to go out and get one. I also have my third attempt at my driving test coming up next week :( I couldnt stand failing again, but im afraid I might. :\ xxx
    Good good. Well, I feel really quite sad again..I don't know what it is, I think it happens each time it gets near to the 25th. :( I didn't think I'd still feel like this.. grrrrrr. My days are too empty, I need a job! x
    Hey L.T.D.
    Thanks for your input and interesting replies for getting MJ to number 1 maybe for his bday! :) xxx
    Hey , i can not remove the thread , what can i do ?? i don't want to be banned ...
    adding you to my friends so I could keep track of your post count. See? I'm already 3 posts behind. Something needs to be done...
    hi mate, wow your from merseyside, so am i! Fancy teaming up, there are other fans close and i am sure thers going to be loads to talk about now.
    i just registered on there, and i found the second part, but it went onto limewire. is it supposed to or what?
    Hi, just went on your link about the second part of the Brunei concert. It said about a 'torrent' or something. When i went on it, it said i am not authorised to view them. Is it because im not a member or is it a problem for anyone?
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