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  • I'm fantastic, thank you. I just got back from Janet's opening night concert a few hours ago!

    You may have not "logged on [is 'in' the proper preposition?] in a LONG LONG time" but it still isn't as long I have been away!

    "For kicks," I pass around the weaponized hallucinogens![IMG]

    Bonus points if you can tell me the movie I'm referencing without searching! Hint: I've referenced it in our conversation before!
    Your visitor message(s) made me smile as well.:) It's nice to see you've re-enabled visitor messaging.

    I'm glad you're around even in a limited capacity. I feel the same as you in regard to a tepid posting pattern.

    I hope you're doing well otherwise.:)

    It'll probably be a [long] while before you see this message!
    You logged off at the top of the hour! Excellent!

    I wish you the best during this new academic year! Make new friends and meet up with your old ones. May your profs. actually enjoy teaching instead of using it as way to fund their private research!
    You wouldn't be making yourself a victim, you would be stopping yourself from becoming a victim by acting on your will!

    Yes, I notice you suffer from the want of "willpower." Forge this message from Henri Ducard/R'as Al Ghul in titanium in your cranium:

    First, and foremost, thank you for acknowledging me as "the best!":yes:

    Yes, along with the Haiti and Japan earthquakes, the down time at Max Jax is one of the great tragedies of our times!:D

    Well, I can only hope that the exams didn't go as badly as you worried the might have.

    Yes, that's true.:( Although I once saw you on MSN and you were 'Busy' as I was so an opportunity to chat fell by the wayside. By the way, I noticed you added some artists there. To be honest, I'm not familiar with most of their work except for Michael of course.

    While I'm sure the new format has its advantages, I actually miss the old one both here and at Max Jax.
    This time it was you who did the flash and dash! And you don't even have the excuse of an underlying behavioral tic!:D
    Yes, I have to leave at the top of the hour or else remain for another hour to try again!

    "See you?!" I don't think I ever have.:thinking:
    Good evening!:D

    I wonder if you're also experiencing technical difficulties with the forum at the moment?:thinking:
    I can't "be [just any] psychiatrist in order to give [you] pep talk." I "need to be" frigging Carl Jung in order to do that!:D

    Luckily, I'm just that damn good!:D
    You do know that the hourly rates of first class psychiatrists are through the roof?!:bugeyed:thinking:

    And yet your expectation was that my services would come for free!:D
    No. Neither myself nor them have it "backwards," as you clumsily put it!:D

    It's all down to the history of the personal reactions, good or ill, that will determine which venue is preferred.

    Besides, haven't you complained about a certain thread there whose companion here you much prefer?!:D
    Congratulations!:) Remember to thank me for my superb counseling of your study habits as it was that which was mostly responsible for your top notch result!:D
    I was deliberately one day late with my Valentines Day greetings just so I could use this superb graphic I scanned from a Batman comic book!

    I wish you the very best of luck on your exam!:angel::):yes:

    You sound confident in your preparation so I'm sure it will go well.
    Your studying is "a detriment" because it could be "a diversion" that may keep you from doing things that are "important and/or beneficial to" me!:D
    Yes, I do have that effect on people. It is my "curse!":D

    Seriously, I know whereof you speak and indeed breaks can be beneficial in studying. Just make sure studying isn't a break from MJJC!:D
    If you're supposed to be studying, what the hell are you doing here?!:rolleyes::bugeyed:thinking:

    Don't you dare blame my charismatic conversation if you do poorly on that exam!:D

    If you can do something that is "beneficial" for me you damn well better do it!:D
    I'm studying right now, I'm sorry. I'll get back to you later. If you want me to be visible while conversing, I'll do that, if it is important and/or beneficial to you.
    Then let me enlighten you once again:

    To find out what you have written, your partner in the conversation will be prompted to visit your profile page out of curiosity!:rolleyes::D
    Yes, but you were supposed to take the exam but didn't because you weren't prepared. Right now, you're desperately trying to convince an unethical doctor (a la Conrad Murray!:bugeyed) to provide you with a note that will excuse your absence on the basis of a made up medical reason!:bugeyed:D

    I can read you like a book!:D
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