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  • Stop weaseling me for a pic without providing one in return!:rolleyes::D

    Someone already did that!:(:D
    You need to watch The Matrix films to get it.

    I expect you to do so this weekend and then compliment me on the brilliance of my rep.!:yes::D
    By the way, when I looked at the screen from a certain angle it looked like it said "Stranger in Mexico" instead of "Stranger in Moscow!":D
    Now you are on MSN but not here presumably?!:D:unsure:

    I just noticed you signed in as "Busy" so I won't disturb you!
    For the second time, you've replied on your own profile!

    I now think you are doing it on purpose to artificially inflate your page visits!:D
    I tried leaving you an offline but got this message:

    It's clearly due to technical issues and/or gross incompetence on your end!:D
    this is really weird.

    When I tried to add you, I saw you in the list of contacts. I signed out, then back in, and now you're not there. And I didn't delete you.

    This is odd:(
    By the way, you replied on your own profile!

    Lucky for us I'm checking or your insecurities would lead you to believe I was ignoring you!:D
    I am on MSN now and I am "Available." I ought to be chatting with my favorite but I've been ignored, for an unknown reason(s), for the second consecutive night by that individual!:(:D

    As for your "Daddy Complex," I will help you as much as I can!:D
    Fair enough!

    Of course, it was fabulous!:D Remember I am the greatest poster of them all!:D
    Well, I thought I was putting in the same amount of effort as you were. I'm sure if you look over the conversation(s) you will see that to be the case!

    What request are you talking about? MSN? I was expecting it from you but didn't get it. I just assumed you changed your mind!:thinking:
    It would really help if you went visible, at least when you're talking to an esteemed personage such myself!:D:)
    Yes, you did! And I want all the details regarding the situation you mentioned in your PM! Don't leave anything out!:D
    I read the thread in "Make It A Better Place" at the other place so I am up to speed.:yes:
    You didn't go "over the line.":):no::rolleyes::cool:

    On the one hand, I grateful for your concern about clarity yet on the other hand I can't help but feel you're underestimating my intuition!:D
    Our thread is for believers only so its more under control. For the faith You have to be a lone wolf then, lots of folks agree with us but are afraid to say so. I got many PMs from folks who agreed with me but were afraid of the mods., etc.
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