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  • But you do so it often!:D

    I'm completely certain that your analysis is correct. In fact, I have it on the highest authority on the subject that we are correct!:)

    It's holidays, plural!:D If they separated them, then it would be singular!:D

    I'm sure people would appreciate their valuable time being spent on such semantics! In that case, they would likely send me on a permanent vacation and it would be no holiday!:D
    Shame you can't speak your mind.

    I am a gentle guy, just things that are wrong get under my skin.

    you're probably a better Christian than me.:)
    Forever!:bugeyed:(:cry: I think that's the first time I've used the cry smiley!:D

    But then why do people say "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year?!":D Clearly the "Happy Holidays" they are referring to or those two holidays!:yes::D
    What do you mean "the holidays are done?":unsure:

    We still haven't celebrated New Years. Do you use a different calendar?
    Hi! I hope you are doing well and are having a nice holiday season.:)

    Another mutual member of our friends lists here was banned there.:(
    Yes, in fact the tire tracks over the basket case stretch for several hundred miles now!:D
    There's no reason to "feel so stupid about" your PM.

    Your situation is regrettable. That won't happen with me unless it's your fault!:D

    It's nice to know that you're aware of the consequences of disappointing me!:D

    The way you did when you defended the basket case!:D
    In what way(s)?!;D:D
    I on the other hand I know all about the likes of you!:D

    An irresistible enigma!:D

    Straight up, I'm a man! Don't ever "wonder about" that!:D
    That is a crime against Agenity!:D

    Do you only go to jail if you're caught evading taxes twice?!:D
    I actually logged in there to make a post on the topic in question.

    It could have been about a lot of women!:D (I was about to say people!:D)

    I find it hard to believe that there's anyone who doesn't know who you are!:D
    Do you think we will ever have 11 hundred pages of conversation?!:D That might be pushing it even for my phenomenal ability to make conversation!:D

    You could have added to the conversation by commenting on that phenomenal reply I sent you about another conversation!:D

    Was the tax test to taxing for you to do so?!:D

    While the first invitation was implicit this second one is implicit!:D
    You did but I do have to go now.:(

    When I log back in, I expect to see a witty and stimulating reply to my previous visitor message!:D

    I think you're possessive! You don't want "other ladies" to see the brilliant visitor messages I've left for you because you want to keep me all to yourself!:D

    Yes, I do "think there are certain circumstances in which the blinds should be closed" but then again I think those "circumstances" are enhanced when the blinds are open!:D

    Expose away!:D Maybe all the things I have "said and done via these visitor messages" will generate the type of "heat" I am looking for "from all the other ladies!":D

    You mean they don't see the brilliant messages I leave on your profile?!:D

    That is a crime against humanity. How dare you deprive them of my breathtaking brilliance for the sake of your petty privacy!:D
    NOTE: Your message on my profile, that redirected me to your profile, to read your misplaced message there does not show up in when "view[ing] conversation."

    I think you posted on your profile deliberately in order to increase your page visits!:D

    There's no reason, really, except perhaps time constraints and alienation of the people who run the place!:D.

    Well then conjure up a psycho analysis, two words!:D
    I'm going invizzy again. Sorry:(

    not sure what accounts for your planned lack of attendance at that venue but it's not an obligation to tell me.

    don't know what to say about the other VM:ptoo tired to conjure up a psychoanalysis of it :D
    Regarding your PM, I will reciprocate my request which is also your request!:D

    To answer your questions and concerns:

    -It was the e-mail.
    -My attendance, or lack thereof, at that venue will mirror yours.
    "My thoughts are your thoughts.":D

    If you don't know how, you're not thinking hard enough!:D:rolleyes:

    Regarding your latest:rolleyes: pet peeve:
    You could have said why you changed your mind!:rolleyes::D

    You know damn well what I mean!:D

    As I said before, every board has its own social dynamic.:yes::cool:

    BruceWayne said that at Max Jax I think.:thinking:
    What is there to "decide?":thinking: You yourself said this place is more conducive to our conversations (when we have time to have them).

    Pet peeve suggestion: forums that don't offer e-mail notification for visitor messages.:D
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