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  • So there's no point in me editing and re-editing to fill your inbox?!:D:lol:

    To answer your question, une semaine.
    what was very considerate of me btw? :)

    Sorry if I'm giving you too many VMs. lol...heck I guess I'm OK with my usertitle though.
    That was very considerate of you.:)

    By the way, I think the custom user title has been abolished here so that's the why the option to change it has been removed. Once you obtain a badge then the custom user title that you established when the option was available will disappear. You should keep it as a unique throwback to the earlier format of the board.:)
    I haven't seen it yet. It's really slow over there for me. It took forever for pages to load so I gave up. Besides you should have known that I wouldn't need a VM there to recognize you here, given that you have essentially the same username accompanied by the same avatar!:)
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