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  • I know, it is awful. I learned about this when I friend of mine traveled to Africa to do theater related to education on this subject. Many people took offence to the idea of of asking a man to use a condom, women do not have the right. I did not know that this problem was very present in the country of South Africa, this is a surprise. But I knew that it was a problem in Africa.

    There is a severe lack of education in Africa, for example, I know somebody else who is white and worked in Africa with Doctors Without Boarders. The people in the village she lived in believed her skin was white because Canadians have better soap.
    Size is also a sign of status there, and overweight women are considered superior because they must have more money for food. Because of this, some children ore force fed so that they can attract a more wealthy husband in the future. I know these are things that would make Nelson and Michael's hearts cry, as it does mine.

    I am glad for Everland... I know another person who helps to run a project called Building Walls of Wisdom. They build schools in Africa, I love these projects.

    Thank you for taking a look at the Legacy Project and my thread! It makes my heart happy that you would wander over to visit my "garden". I have a hard time in some of the areas like Trials and Tribulations. I am living in SUMMER now! I am afraid I will become weighed down with those thoughts.

    I like to visit Michael Mania too, there are so many interesting things people have to share. What About Us, Michael Mania, and Legacy Project are my main areas because they warm we up when the cold winds blow. (I know you know what I mean here)

    I wish you a good start to the week in Paris, it has also been very hot in Ottawa, with a big storm a few days ago. Been difficult at work but we made it through!

    Oui! Tout est super, je viens de rejoindre le Legacy Project il ya quelques jours, je suis très heureux et excité. Je sais que vous allez en sortir un gagnant, il faut garder la foi, et moi aussi. Je souhaitais que tout se passe aussi rapidement et facilement que possible pour vous.

    Je guéris chaque jour davantage et que les choses sont pour moi très bon. Je vous envoie toute la lumière que je peux, même si vous ne pouvez pas le voir à la fin du tunnel.

    The MJFC was huge when you came alots of ppls left so it was small at time you was there i guess it was the faithful one who stay around and some got banned too.
    No problem at al. I met alot of nice ppls there who did leave but i understand why. I am like you too the forum was my second home i was on there alot everyday hours on hours but yes i had to get to the real world i love talking to my friends it made my day. I wish we couldn't have save the forum so many memories there i was there for 4yr after Michael pass as i am typing this my eyes are fill with tears we never know when it was closing and Gaz try so hard buy like Stacey said this is a new chapter a new home and i am going to like it here and now that i get to talk to you again that makes me feel better.

    love you more
    Thank you for the welcome . This is going to be a new chapter in my life. I send you a friend request you will be my first one. Nice to meet you

    Bonjour mon amie!

    I know, I disappeared again. I have thought of you and all of my MJ fam a lot though, while things have been changing a lot for me here. Moving forward I guess! As you may have seen I wrote in a thread, I decided to break up with my boyfriend of five years. With all that has happened in the past year with me, all the growing and changing and discovering and the big part Michael has played in my life, he (actually, his name is also Michael!) lives five hours away and I didn't feel like I could explain it to him. He was so understanding, but we knew we had grown apart and we are still friends.

    I hope things are moving forward with your legal situation, and I hope your layer "dusts off his butt"! and I will keep faith that the day will come that you will get all that you deserve.

    (see next post)
    I left the conversation because I didn't feel that I had any more to add or that I ad anything to say that could help at the time, I will go back and try to catch up. In a way it is like another "Love and Light" thread isn't it? Where we can talk out our problems when we need each other, and share our strength and make each other stronger :heart:

    Dear Laeticia :hiya:

    Thanks for your messages...

    Thanks for considering to buy my book... Though, it's catalogued as FICTION... There is always something BIOGRAPHICAL in it. That's human nature, I think. It's a dream come true and now I'm working hard on N° 2 which follows the struggle of Daryll still trying to belong somewhere...

    I wish I could say that my 3 'special' kids were REAL 'cause indeed they would have those 'special' names... Unfortunately, my body is not 'capable' of creating healthy babies and so I sought 'refuse' in Vinyl/ Sillicone babies and in Reborns... You can't really spot the difference and they do fill up the 'motherhood' need to care for a baby...

    The reason WHY you don't see me here a lot now is the AEG trial... :mat: I got a BAD report from the Docs cause STRESS is something I have to avoid :doh:

    So, be careful Hun NOT to get worked up about it all :blink:

    I wish you a GREAT weekend and THANKS for your SUPPORT,

    Daryll aka DAZ :tease:
    Hey Laeticia :ciao:

    Thanks for viewing my thread and thanks for your PM :blush:

    This is a DREAM come true next to MJJC Blog.

    "Scared alone" is a 'full blown' novel of 365 pages of 'fiction' ;)

    It's NOT Michael related in the sense that it's about Michael's life like I do the 'fan fiction' on MJJC Blog but of course Michael 'plays' a character in it but then under a 'surrogate' name of CG ;) It's like a theme in a book... It's just a novel for the Public but with a 'wink' to Michael's message of L.O.V.E

    You can 'view' it on the '' site :cheeky:

    Take care,
    Bonjour mon amie!

    Tu me manques et notre conversation sur l'Histoire et moi s'enfile très beaucoup. Je suis dans une autre ville m'entraînant pour mon nouvel emploi et je suis très heureux d'être ici parce que la compagnie pour laquelle je travaille croit en mêmes choses que je fais et je suis certain que je ne l'aurais pas fait ici sans Michael. Une fois ici, on m'a dit de toutes les qualités qui sont importantes pour eux, comme le travail social et la compassion, toutes ces choses que Michael m'a inspirées. Alors ils ont dit que 'nous vous avons choisis parce que vous affichez ces qualités. J'ai été sûr avait je pas Michael découvert quand j'ai fait, je ne serais pas ici.
    Mais c'est toujours dur, les gens avec qui je m'entraîne sont de tous à travers le Canada et bien qu'ils soient tout le gentil et poli je me sens un peu comme je ne m'intègre pas. Je manque le MJ fam! Vous les filles me font toujours se sentir mieux.

    J'ai voulu m'absenter pour que je puisse me concentrer sur tout mon travail et évaluant ici, mais je crois que je veux revenir quelquefois. J'ai un bonbon cassé et batteries fatigué!

    Je ne suis pas sûr que je peux me rapporter à tous les fans sur ce site, mais j'estime que vous êtes un des fans avec qui je peux communiquer. J'aimerais savoir plus de Michael dans votre vie. Quelle est votre chanson préférée? pourquoi?
    Parlez vous francais? J'etudier francais, mais mon ordinateur est casse avac mon Rosetta Stone (ou silverlight/adobe) :( Je panse j'en est besoin un nouveau ordinateaur :( Peut-être pouvons-nous exercer ensemble!
    Ohh I'm not too sure , it might be your Internet speed/connection? Sometimes my Internet speed is slow too lol it may be that :)
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