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    Jermaine 'Jacksun' is scaring his siblings by trying to rip off Michael’s act

    Wait what? That said, Jermaine the imperSUNator is probably thinking it's a "tribute" of sorts to wear knock-offs, but Stacy Brown is really just a lowlife.
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    Prince Michael Conducts First Interview with ET

    Maybe I'm weird, but I feel like that's a pretty heartless thing to say, especially if this is what Prince really wants to do/how he will be able to get there. Yes, of course Michael would've had a different opinion, but we're not Michael and we don't know for certain what it would be. If...
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    Thanks for the friend request♥

    Thanks for the friend request♥
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    [REQ] Hand writings of Michael

    ^ I like how Blanket's face looks almost like he's thinking "yeah so, what does your father do?" :D
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    Michael Jackson Gifs

    Re: Michael jackson gifs Half-puppy, part kitten and part bunny:heart:
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    TJ Jackson to be compensated by MJ Estate for Co- Guardianship Position

    Re: TJ Jackson He Needs Cash To Care for Michael's Kids I'd say that's quite reasonable, it's pretty much the smallest amount I've heard since Michael's passing (of course it's all in a context different from, say, a "regular Joe"s). And if he's really working 40hrs a week, it's even more so...
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    What was preventing The Simpsons to use Michael's "Happy Birthday Lisa" ?

    ^ I've heard James L. Brooks talk nicely about Michael, too. Only Al Jean (the curly hair in the video) and Harry Shearer - as far as I know - are really idiots about him. The jokes were stupid, but an easy and a safe laugh at the time.
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    Does Anyone Know Where This Picture Is From?

    ^ I don't think it's from that birthday party, 'cos in the pic you can see a sliver of a white shirt, and he wasn't wearing one there.
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    Post Your Favourite MJ Picture of the Day

    Re: Your fave Michael Jackson picture of the day I think they're from this video: (try to ignore the stupid tags and music)
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    Michael and the ladies

    ^ The first one is definitely photoshopped (or at last the background is)
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    30th Anniversary concert pictures

    ^ I heard he had a major lupus flare around that time, and oral tumors 'cos of it... It would explain why his face might've looked odd; one of the lupus symptoms (or something?) being the "moon face". I don't have a source, though, so I might be completely wrong :/ Also, wasn't it one of the...
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    MJ (she-)nerd (video)

    I know her from another board, but I'm not sure if she's part of this forum. She's at least on MJJUltimate (obviously);)
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    REQ: king of style, dressing Michael Jackson

    ^ I think .com ships only in USA, but should work if you live elsewhere (at least in Europe; it's worked for me).
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    [REQ] Hand writings of Michael

    That's Michael Bush's, isn't it?