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  • Happy Birthday!:)

    By the way, did you know there's another member who shares your user name and birthday?!:bugeyed
    :girl_karaoke: :girl_karaoke: happy birthday toooooooooooooo you !! :girl_karaoke: :girl_karaoke:


    Oh there's no real story behind my username, i just wanted to change it, i could have chosen one like yours and use "Franck" (ma first name) in my username but i like being anonymous on the internet, not always but sometimes. I am doing ok thx. :) I'm trying to find a job to save money and get the hell out of France.
    Thank you Laura!! :) Your words have brought me some measure of comfort during these trying times...God bless you! :flowers:
    Ahaha! The mental ward! Nice one and don't worry, I totally know what you're saying. One of the reasons why I stopped coming in here was due to the drama. The fan world is indeed a wonder. But Im glad to see good people like you are still around.
    I feel bad for Gaz as he tried and tried again to fix problems around here. But some people will never accept peace.
    I'm doing quite well thank you!
    As far as my work goes, its been INCREDIBLY challenging. I do co-own and run a trading card company but we only release one premium set per year. Our first set went out just a couple of months ago. :)
    Congratulations for graduating! *big hugs*. Keep strong positive vibes going when job hunting. No matter what job you end up with, make the best out of it because the world economy is pretty tough now a days. Just about any decent paying job is a blessing. :p
    Well Laura, it brings me great pleasure to see you're alive and doing well. :) We'll keep in touch!
    Hey Laura! Hi how are ya? :) Say, I had a question, is it me or did this entire forum change its layout? I dont recognize it and I havent logged in it for quite some time until today.

    Hope youre doing well girl. :]
    Thank you for your kind rep points...

    Hang in there, please...


    Yes, it is. Without that, it would be even more unbearable. I always say that one of the biggest gifts someone can give me is to make me laugh.
    :)Thank you, I tried. I felt horrible when I read I'm "lecturing", but at the same time I always expect people that tell me my perspective is horribly 'wrong in itself' to be able to say more than just "because I said so." Got a bit carried away- but Jesus Christmas, I didn't know that digging a little deeper is considered an insult. :ph34r:
    Thank you for the rep. :wub: The Voices Education project is such an important initiative. I hope you've been able to read through some of the curriculum. :yes:
    You're welcome but I see you haven't thanked me for the rep. prior to the most recent one!:D:lol:
    Hahaa, niin oisinkin! Ei uskalla vielä uskoa mitään ennen kun tulee se virallinen tiedote (tai no en tiiä uskaltaako vielä sillonkaan... :D).
    Laura, thank you again for the rep. Much appreciated. I know I tend to write long essays, but man, sometimes I just want to bash my head against the wall, lol. Thank you!
    Agreed but if you're someone who expects to see Blood On The Dance Floor, you might want to keep it 'In the Closet!':D
    Well, if it exceeds expectations in the way that we hope, will it be Bad or a Thriller?!:D
    Hi Laura! Thank you so much. I really missed all of you here. But hey, wow things have uhm... changed a lot around here.

    Well, I hope you're doing great as well. It's definitely been an interesting time and quite difficult. But I'm still pulling through it all and yeah, the love of my life has been very supportive and on the same page with keeping the positive alive and doing away with negativity. It's a fight to the very end.

    Many hugs Laura, I hope you are embraced by great times and success! :huggy:
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