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  • Oh ok, i was gonna answer ur message later today but since u'll leave for that long ill answer today ull receive it in 5 mins. :)
    Hi there, we dunno each other but i read your introduction. Welcome back. I wonder if there are other black belts on mjjc, especially among women. What type of karate do you do ? Kyokushin ? Is it useful in real life fights (out of a dojo) ?
    Yes we had some great parties uniting all the fans and then waitied till the wee hours after the younguns left and would post our sexiest vidoes to drool over Michael. LOL Rams70 was my partner on that site. She is still on FB from time to time. She really sustained me through some rough times. especially when my mother passed. She would call me from Italy . I really miss those times. What is your youtube channel ?
    Mannn we used tp even play the spice girls at school. I was scary spice. Hahah how lame to think we used tp play Spice girls back then, but funny too :lmao: did you and your friends pretend to be the Spice Girls??
    Aww your a cryer when it comes to disney movies too??:cheers: we can both cry together :yes:...

    yeah the Lion King and The fox and the hound always get to me :cry:
    hahah He looks SCORCHIN in that video, its my favorite video too. Those faces he makes in there haha !!!Yeah "Did MJ find Love in The Dark" is my favorite too.!:)
    Hey Laurenjayne!!how's it goin??ha ha I just wanted to say, I also Like TWYMMF..its my fav. too. :p i read it in "in the dark thread" lol just to let youknow :D
    thanx you for acceptng my friend ship request laurenjayne hun
    have a very blessed week x.
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