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  • Hey Libs! Just trying to establish contact with MJ fans in my area (Gold Coast and Brisbane)... whats ur email address? Got so much cool MJ related activities coming up in GC and Brissie like full scale professional theatre productions and MJ dance classes and more! Gimme ur email or send me one at and i'll keep in touch :) Damien x
    Hey, yeah I do go to Brisbane when I can.. and yeah it would be awesome to have somebody to go with :)
    Thanks for sending me a friend request. :)

    The Jackson family are awesome and I don't understand the hate they get sadly. And the hate they get is usually something old. :cry:
    hey liz :D thanks for the info bout the tribute. i dont think im going to that though. i think we should seriously make another attempt at a little meet up for brizzie mjjcers.
    I was around when The Jacksons was still a group, so I knew them before Mike was a solo act. So I'm not like a lot of the younger fans who only seem to like Dangerous and the albums after it and say the brothers have no talent. I'm probably one of the few people here that really wanted a Jacksons reunion album rather than a Michael solo. I wanted an album, I wasn't as concerned about a tour.
    hey brisbane fan! so is there a meetup happening? is there gonna be one on that weekend after the release (31st/1st), cause you guys are probably all older than me and don't have school but I do and a bit hard to go out at night. anyways, tell me what's being planned anyhow and I'll try to come along :) I just don't want to see it alone.
    ok so i just called southbank and they said theyre showing it! but they dont know much about booking tickets. on the brisbane thread i just made a post about it:
    online bookings for movies are always 1-2 weeks before the movie session, and the site refreshes on wednesdays. so in other words, i think it means we'd be able to book online on the wednesday before 29th october, or two wednesdays before it. the guy on the phone wasnt very detailed so thats what i got from him.

    umm if u feel like it u can call them and maybe get a better person on the phone lol
    coz 29th oct is a thursday, so the wednesday before that is 28th oct! and 2 wednesdays before it is just a week before the movie. i think it should be alright tho.
    Well, I do buy his CDs and DVDs, too. ^^ I've always been a fan of his music but didn't know much about him. I guess because I was too little to understand certain things. Even now I'm not an expert, there's always something I didn't knew about him before. But I know he's been a better person than most of us. :)

    A lot of people here seem to like Janet. I'm not really a fan of her music but she has a few songs I like though. And she seems like a real sweetheart.

    I'm going to be absent the next few days and can't reply to your messages. I'm moving this weekend and I won't have the possibility to get online.
    I usually don't go around adding people but I feel you understand me. :) I wouldn't call myself a fan but I'm really supportive of Jermaine. I think it's unfair the way he's been treated by the fans. Everyone just focuses on the negative things but never on the good points. And it saddens me because Michael taught us to not judge a person, especially if you've never spoken to them in person. Also, I can't imagine Michael would approve if the fans bash his family.
    I can't really say for how long I've been a MJ fan. But my parents had this Thriller vinyl and I loved to listen to it. Also I was very fascinated by Moonwalker. I watched it nearly every day. The tape is in such a terrible condition now. :lol: But I have to admit I'm not one of those fans who buy merchandise or plaster their walls with posters of him. But I'm a dedicated fan of him nonetheless.
    Sorry for talking so much. How about you? How long have you been a MJ fan? And are you a fan of any other Jackson?
    Sorry, for randomly sending you a friend request. I think we haven't talked before. But you seem like a nice person and one of the very few people here who don't look for satisfaction by bashing Michael's family, which I'm literally fed up with. Anyways, nice to meet you and I hope you accept me as friend. :)
    Hey liz :) hmmm i cant really put a number on it, but basically my parents were fans and i grew up listening to michael and loving it. how bout u? im not a fan of anyone else from his family but i do like to listen to their songs once in a while.
    i soooo cant wait till the brissie meet up too. i wish it was sooner!!
    Thanks. You're a nice person. :)

    People being rude only makes me even more convinced that I took the right descision by choosing a LaToya avatar. ;) But whenever they insult her I learn more about those people than I do about Toy. I don't try to discuss her too much with haters because it only encourages them.
    Hey there :)

    Well I've been a fan since forever - I was just 3 years old when I was imitating him and at the age of 4 I went to many talent shows for children (and won many times may I say!) ... He's been my inspiration my whole life, I grew up listening to Dangerous and today it's cuz of him that I play the guitar,create songs,sing,dance,study English... Michael is the pillar of my life, what can I say...

    kiss ;)
    I've been a MJ fan and a fan of the Jackson family since the early 1980's really (yes, I'm THAT old). The main reason for the LaToya avatar is that I feel she's very misunderstood and the victim of a lot of unfair criticism. Makes me feel a bit protective towards her. Brings out the knight on the white horse wanting to defend the lady in distress in me, sorta. :lol:
    Thanks for accepting the friendship request. That's a great youtube page you have there. ;)
    nice mix of ancestry u got there:) so who's filipino? ur mom ot ur dad? can we be friends?
    yeah i uploaded it i just put the first full 10 minutes on with sound but i cant yet get the sound louder am still working on it there are 24 more minutes i m looking for a way to split and keep it avi format so if you know a splitter i can ut the other parts up to its a movie from more then half an hour all holliday footage from the jacksons
    Hi Libsta
    nice to see you here :)
    Im doing well - hope the same for you
    I love this place - and keeping up to date
    on all things Michael
    yea thats me, working hard on it at the moment, getting some great footage mixed in with parts ive already completed. How r u?
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