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  • Hey Lil :) Thanks for your kind words. I had completely forgotten about my message to you in that thread considering how long ago it was lol. Good to know you did have some highlights to your trip.

    Btw of "ancient" stuff......I've seen you invoke me in the manhood thread about the incurable comment. But shhhhhh, don't blow my cover home girl, I'm supposed to be in stealth mode in that particular thread :cheeky: Keep rockin' with your talent and keep postin' awesome stuff :D
    It really was awesome. Thx a bunch :hug: As far as how I'm doin', let's put it thissa way - I've seen better times, but then again I've also seen worse so I betta stop complaining and get busy with all the stuff I need to do.

    Have a nice week and keep postin' cool stuff :)
    THANX so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh for your latest find. Funniest thing I've seen in ages. Really needed it :) Thanks again. Bless you!!!
    I'm fine :) I know what you mean and I agree but I also think the media isn't that interested in what they have to say.
    Well, well your perviness lol........although I'm honored by your kind and generous offer, I think I will refrain from attending the gathering lol. I'd rather keep my naughty nature for activities outside of the thread :p However, that doesn't mean I won't keep an watchful eye over events unfolding hahaha. Also, as a little token of appreciation I'm sendin' something your way ;)
    Well you made me laugh first LOL And as I also told girls are very observant :p I peak in there every now and then, but don't want to disturb the peace with my uber naughty nature, so I let y'all do your thing :D
    :ciao: :lmao: :heart: youuu! gurl, I just have to put these here , I miss 'em :lol:
    :naughty: :shifty: :girl_cry: :girl_sigh: haha, ttyl!

    This is all I could find. I've been attempting to track down the creator of the original gif, but it's difficult as it has no logo. I've only found the creator of a gifset from the same video, only the part for which I have found the source. But if that video is to be found anywhere on the internet, I will find it eventually.
    It isn't. Perhaps I know more than you. :p Bad tour Japan, 1987. Right before a concert Michael awarded a family a prize for being the umpteenth people to see the show, or something of the sort, not being able to read Japanese is one of my many faults. In any case, he was running late for the show. Sadly, I have only been able to find a gifset of that moment and a video that cuts before he says that. :/ I'm still looking for the video the gif was made from. I know there is a Japanese documentary made during his 1987 stay there, but I have only skimmed it. I haven't had the time to watch the whole thing and see if it's from there.
    I was just curious because the description fits you and also because you reblogged a particular gif from me and you were curious where it was from. I wanted to message you to answer, but I couldn't find an ask option. If it is you, of course. :p
    Haha xD don't worry girl! I'm on my phone too, as usual! :p how long will you be around? I have to take a shower to wake me up haha, but idk if you'll be around by then :/
    Aww, hi girlie, I'm here :lol: I haven't slept and I'll be going out in like 2 hrs :trish: anyway, thanks for stopping by! notifications neverrr fail to get me all :wild: :heart:
    I was girl :( but this thing didn't say you were! :mat: anyway, I'll prob be around later since I gotta approve my schedule for next semester, you gotta do that early :lol: ttyl I hope :hug::heart:
    Hiya :lol: awww, I know girlie! We did have a lot of fun, huh? :shifty: I remember I waited eagerly for your replies :blush: it was so fun reading the PMs+visitor msgs :clap: Anyway, I also went and read the old PMs and I laughed so much! I have to say I miss it too girl :sigh: I have to admit I haven't played the tapes since I'm still too lazy to grab my laptop :rofl: Anyway girl, you can always message me here if we don't get to be here at the same time but still I hope we can talk soon, love you :heart: :ciao:
    Oh my f*cking gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!! did he just? :bugeyed yes he DID! :woohoo: haha don't worry girl! I've been meaning to write back but I've been going to bed TOO DAMN EARLY :sigh: I guess it's all the tiredness built up and everything :lol: but wow, that gif is just :heat: I'm freezing here and just seeing it gave me a sudden heat burst :lmao: anyway girl, yes, I left a msg just mins before you did and I was wondering if you read it or not :laugh: I'm seriously happy to be done with all that school ish, especially since this really rude teacher who hated me made me take an exam I shouldn't have... in the end I beat his queer arse and got an A+ lol, but that kinda still has me feeling a bit upset because it was unfair , oh well... I've got lots of stuff to tell ya and whenever you want to talk just msg me on FB since I visit here just to check on the picture threads and stuff haha! ok? hope it's soon, ttyl! mwah :heart:
    Hey there :D just wanted to let you know I'm FINALLY done w/school and everything else , soo if you can and still want :lol: we can talk any day now :ciao: :hug:
    Hey girlie, how you've been? I wanted to stop by and say hello again and ask you if you'll be too busy tomorrow evening? if I remember correctly you work on Saturdays :bugeyed but if you're not too tired when you get home, hopefully we can catch up :blush: I've barely had time to stop and record a tape, so yeah! anyway, miss you! hope we can manage to talk soon, :ciao: :heart:
    Hey girl, just stoppin' by to say hello! hope you're doin' great and that you haven't forgotten about me :sigh: lol! :hug: I really hope we can talk soon, otherwise I might have to do a small tape instead :girl_tantrum: :ciao:
    Giiiiiiiirlie, sorry to be spammin' ya today :blush: but just before I go to sleep I listen to a little spoken interview or spoken fragment of my hubby (who happens to look a looot like yours) :lol: and idk if you've listened to this interview BUUUT omg, I'm obsessin' over the bit around 1:56

    goooooooooosh, the way he laughs as he speaks and uuuugh his accent omfg! I hope to have some nicee dreams later :naughty: :stars: anyway, I'm off to bed.. & sorry again lol! ttys, love yaaa :heart:
    Anyway girlie hahaha, yessss , of course I want them!:lol: actually a few weeks ago I thought about them and wanted to ask but we haven't talked in ages :sigh: so yeah, sure! :D oooh and it's so weird riiiiiiiiight , that our hubbies look SOOO0 much alike :girl_whistle: even the picture you posted of yourselves is SO much like one of ours :upside_down: :lmao: anyway girlie, ttyss I hope :ciao: love yaaaaa :heart:
    hahahahahah girl, look what I found on tumblr, it has me laughing sooooooo much omg, yessssss please :heat: :stars:

    and then I see this xDD
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