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  • Oh sweetie thank you I love it :wub:
    I dont mind at all bigger the better .I am glad that you got it working I knew you would :huggy:
    OO did it ? um another way for that Lil is ,if you look at the icons when you make a post there is the font choice,the font size,the text color,the smileys , the world with link ,the world with red cross , and the picture [click on it ] will say insert image . Try clicking that and adding your link there inside the avaliable box . it should come up like this
    Aww welcome and thankyou for the pic
    That is so lovely
    No dont mind at all Lil go ahead

    Cool If I can help with anything i will surely try
    peekaboo :D Hiya :hiya: You are so welcome . Ah I do that even now ! :lol: You will get the hang of it though .. MJJC is pretty cool.
    I think you will love it and Thank you ! Hope you have a michaelin' day Lil !
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