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  1. Rare Pictures Thread

    love seeing new pictures of him and his beautiful smile: :love:
  2. Rare Pictures Thread

    From a new book about the Jacksons that'll be released this month, where those yoyo pics are also from:
  3. Rare Pictures Thread

    ^these are amazing, they look huge :scream: apparently taken at Kingvention, along with the picture t@ny posted. I wonder what else was displayed there..
  4. [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    Re: [Discussion] Sexual abuse claims against MJ Estate (Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe) delete - answers were already given in previous posts I hadn't read yet.
  5. Rare Pictures Thread

    better quality:
  6. Rare Pictures Thread

  7. Your Most Desired MJ Concert Releases

    True, true. I mean I hope they could use the live version of Smooth Criminal (and if he did it once, maybe there are more dates it was sung live that we don't know of..) Man in the mirror is an exception, also because the end is live and it's so amazing that it makes up for him lip syncing the...
  8. Your Most Desired MJ Concert Releases

    I like that idea, but only if they stick with songs where he sings live and sounds great - no lip sync. (wouldn't leave a whole lot of room for History. I don't think History would fit into a greatest anything compilation but hey that's just me lol) I hope you're right. I don't think they'll...
  9. Your Most Desired MJ Concert Releases

    I would love anything we haven't seen yet from the Bad, Victory or Triumph tours. Not very realistic, but right now my most desired release would be Brisbane '87 in its entirety (preferably in better quality of course). The 2nd leg of the Bad Tour seems to be everyone's favorite, but he was...
  10. Rare Pictures Thread

    ETA: some info on this picture: I remember Brad Sundberg mentioning the 7/11 thing too. He said Michael told him if he could have one wish, he'd want to go into a 7/11 undisguised and buy a soda without any fuss or anyone looking at him, and he asked Brad 'should I just do it?', but he never...
  11. Rare Pictures Thread

    Michael & his camera, lol he's so cute
  12. Rare Pictures Thread

    ikr, I don't get it either. I guess they want the attention that comes with fans thinking it's a 'new' pic..
  13. Rare Pictures Thread

    ^here you go! I love these 'casual' pictures of him. he's gorgeous. It's these two pictures shopped together:
  14. Rare Pictures Thread

    ^Ah, thanks for clarifying! I assumed that was the only thing it could be, tho it looked to be a bit early for it to be that severe 😅
  15. Rare Pictures Thread

    I never saw a picture of him where the vitiligo in his face was this visible before.. I wonder what year this was. Looks early 80's?