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  • I MISS YOUUUUUUUUU LIL MISS!!! I was reading the messages on my profile and got to yours and I just miss ya. Where are you? We had such fun times and you are a real sweetie. (((HUGS))))) :hugs:
    lil miss mj , :wub:
    i missed you !:beee:
    you on now ?:lol:
    grrrrrrrrrrrrreat to see ya .
    hey , i can post funky gooogle pics now on profiles :wild:
    dun dun dun
    yourz is in trouble :wild:
    *in a farmer giles voice*
    mornin'....afte'rnoooooooooon, eveeeeeeeeeenin'.... ya ole bugger you:p
    *goes granny fishin with you *
    *catches a moon -cow*

    ~a moon cow???????~:bugeyed:wild: yay:wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild:tis the season to be jolly , :blink:far la la la lahhhhh lahh lahhh moooo moooo:huh:
    it was about for ......the love of god ...:wtf: ....:huh: , :giggle:
    i bloody luvs yaaaaaa too lil miss ,
    bloody w.u.b.
    <typed B.L.O.O.D. :lol::vampire:
    Thinking of you! :hug:

    (silly me working so hard at trying to observe bracelets during This Is It. I'm not one to give up on hope I guess!)

    Luv ya!
    :give_flowers: got to kill a cow or somefink cos.............. i run out of glue babe :(
    or....maybe...just maybe ..... if we get the cow to snot on us it will work :wild:?
    :unsure:~cow snot from a cow snout makes good glue for me and you :mello: .:wild: ...wOOOOO save the cows !. ...milk.! ?......milk shake? fingers fart ? shake the fingers of a fish fart ?meep meep .....i
    this comment made me smile inside the day i read it ,so thanx you sweetie for thinking of me .i miss you too .
    very much .
    how are you ?
    how are you ?...:better::mello: ......:better::(:mello:
    oh f****
    *clings to lil miss for deeeeeeeeeear life*...bloody eck.. :(

    :give_flowers:*veil of protection and strength* sent to you babe .:give_flowers:
    How are you, luv?
    God, I can't believe it's been 10 weeks! :no:
    I think of the day it happened and it feels like it was only yesterday? :boohoo:
    Hope you're holding up ok. ****hug**** :huggy: :heart:
    thank you. i'm doin' not well... feel so empty.. :( it's all so bad..
    loves you, too HUGS
    oO whats that :blink:...oh its a face :), ah now thats cool but im a bit dopey so its too techincall kno i always feel uneasy when i see this smiley >:) cos it has not emos ..does it , im not feeling that i always make a right dogs dinner out of my pms , messages , its why they are all over the place .im glad you can understand me .
    test 1.~im glad you can under stand me :) ~seems so seruios
    test 2~im glad you can understand me :wub::huggy:~thats sooo much better :lol:

    course you help , i hope i help you too , ty lil miss for the fun on rt , *snogs your nose*:blink::huh:*dances like a dolly rocker* :unsure: :fortheloveof:shut up wendi ....
    rember salad fingers ? it makes me feel ill now babe . thats the last thing you and me yspped about before a shit scented summer .:swoon:
    i will stay as strong as i can , im doing it for my kids .you too darling , love you lil miss babe
    :blink:hi :waving: babe , i said too much pm is allll over the place. im sorry ..
    thanx you lil miss for understanding me .and i hope that you will let me understand you too. pm ME anytime ok ..dont suffer in silence , i love you friend . xoxo
    :tomato: :stinker: :group_hug:
    aww group hug dont work gal il jst kiss ya :kiss: ewwwwwwwwwwwww ! :swoon: gal kiss !! :rofl: ROTFL ..ah .its all good , right ? .....just lately , im lazy with my smileys lil miss , .... ive JUST relised theres about 5 , gazillion other ones to choose from :blink:,,~i learns somat everyday . .:shock:

    cor sory , i re read that and i sound like a complete loony tuune.
    its the emotion ...pouring out the emos and reaching out isnt it, i think ..its so ..hard for all of us :huggy::cry::weeping:
    did you kno all the sea horses will be around at noon near the moon with the mechanical nintendo dogz tryin to ing a tune ? :angry:
    :waving: hi darlin <im ..just trying to project good times ...
    how are you babe ?:huggy:, i miss you like cor blimey gal .i do ,
    hope your okay .loook forward to yapping when and if you can (((((((((((((((((:)heart:))))))))))))) love and light my darling , love and light . x
    Sis!! :huggy: Sorry for the late reply, not been on here the past few weeks!
    I still cry so much each and every day, and miss him so much. :cry::heart:
    Hope you're doing well. Talk to you soon. HUG :)
    :better: I miss you lil miss. You haven't been around for a while. I really hope all is ok with you though I know things are still hard. <3 please take care. Come back when you can.
    nope .. its gotten even shittier babe , realy . realy bah . shit ...uncondrehendable shit ...ah your message to meeeeee thanx you *huggs tighly*
    *hugggs* a million of em
    i been thinking about you too , all of ..just everyone..... and ...this is the darkest summer :(
    ah prayin for you babygal . i realy am . x god bless you too x
    your message is so touching ...your guide . ......oh gal....your guide , your ancor , your everything ~ .i kno......god I KNO:cry::weeping: um . a thousand and 1 macs are home alone for good now innit :mello:.ugh speechless @ the f*ck*ry of life :cry:
    soz about swearing, um been swearing like a tropper lately :unsure: im all unruley now :unsure::cry: and lil boy lost .
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