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  • ive actualy gone quite mute lil miss , excuse me for um ...well :unsure: i just feel silent , paris did her father proud as did all his beatiful children , so proud of her ..
    ty for your kind words babe :huggy: much much aprricated , ~i am hoping the same strength for you ... i am hoping you are well , um im just a bit dazed today , knocks it out of us doesnt it ,like thosaunds of other fans ~mjj was the first i loved and the first person i lost , hes teaching me now even in death you kno ?
    me , ive been writing , /..writing ...crying , crying .writing . your message is tearing me up i love you friend , please dont lose touch with me , *big huggs*
    sorry emo to the max today babe , stay blessed babes .
    um i went to a spritual forum today and well i joined up ~and it gave me great comfort , they said michael was happy today and the person who replyed to me, they said "Michael wanted me to pass this message on for his fans.

    He said "Thank you all for supporting me while on earth as well as death, I love you all very much and you all mean the world to me"

    she said he was happy today cos the person was making him laugh .
    this is the link hold on i will give you it
    and i wanted to share :angel: and lil miss i wish you strength for tomorow .will be thinking of you .
    :( worst pain ever. Even though the last 2 day's I haven't been as bad. Not saying I am good, far far from it. But I was really bad. I don't think it will ever be easy for all of us, But in time the pain and hurt may heal some. I hope :sigh:
    well its beautiful , i love it ~rember i rode around on it on a thread once ..well ..gia ,,yes its just she hasnt been since since ..and ..your prolly right babe shes prolly taking a break:yes: its hurts i kno ...ah , im ..alright if im talking to people , you kno ~i have been consoling a few poor sweet friends today but ok,becuase i make myself ok ~i push it ~ i think we have to be ok, i just want to make michael proud and not to cave in you kno ? we have to be strong i keep telling me , but lil miss its the you kno..funeral that i am worried about i dont think i could go to that ..its too ~...
    hggs you :huggy:
    lil miss we are all worried about gia ~have you herd from her at all ? and EOP how about her ?...oh god all these people ...these poor beautiful people ..
    i love your comment on my profile , thanx you ~i feel comfort when i see you and your what is that lion tigers eye in your avvy thingy , i love you lil miss thanx you
    the smiley's realy make it hard , i hope you caught my compassion darling shit i hope it shows through ~:sad::( , its hard to type isnt it sometimes , here for you and everyone :angel:
    Michael and you in my Prayers. ty. I'm still so very shocked and sick, I have no words. It's all feel surreal :sad: *BIG HUG*
    I'm devastated, trying to stay sane, just hardly can see my future anymore :no: End of the world for me :cry:
    lil miss , we have to be strong but its so hard ,
    god the times i have uttered those word in 3 days ...uncomprehenable .
    :embrace: thinking of you
    i kno and it feels uncompleted , it feels wrong ...all wrong . and god gal im swearing like a trooper on the board today @ mtv and all that .all those shit arse people who laughed at him while he was alive feels so uncomplete , everything is just wrong SO wrong .....and i feel ive lost my laughter , my everything ...
    and i cant run around and be like mac anymore :boohoo:
    lil miss i love you gal ~this is so hard for everyone , god bless grant you the strength for today and beyond , :huggy: :angel:
    im sorry for so many huggys and angels :boohoo:
    mixe of emos , how are you lil miss
    im tryin to be strong are you im thinking of you
    i kno and theres a continsuous aching ...and too and i cant drink tea and its just ..and its numb isnt it like ..and we have to be strong , i kno and im so glad im on mjjc at this moment
    please please take care babygal ok ok
    Oi ! bugalugs!!:dance:
    dare you to meet meeeeeeeeeeeeee outside sainsburys at one oclock midnight,tonight, early late~ next week ~ , where we shall go midnight pastaaaaaaa shopping and we will hitxch a jolly ole ride on the broken down ferry , where i shall coat you in a pea green paint and you shall be my lean mean greeeeeeeeeeeeeen sausage machein OKAY ?!!!!
    :wub: ~said her new lubbly playmate

    *no sausges were harmed during the making of this absract thought*:hysterical:
    wj said all that ~ with upmost glee to her new playmate
    you arrrrrrre my new playmate arent you ?:excited:
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