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  • its bloody amazing
    i love 2 best .:wild: theres about 8 episodes , right up my street that one, hahaaa
    the music makes me want to:bugeyed ....paint a giraffe's underneath gal !!:bugeyed:dancin: IT MAKES ME FEEEEEEELLLL:wild: ALLLLL GLOOOOOOOOOOPY :huh: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeehaaa i bloody love it gal !:hysterical::evil:
    please view all 8 then we can have a gay ole chat here about it all
    or take it to pm
    thanx you :wub:
    said wj with glee :mello:..
    "theryl be fog on the shore tonight bosun"

    lil miss pm me your thoughts on number 2 sometime ?
    thanxs to you i DO like that fnky lil cartoon , ive done my home work for the night ..i mean night ...:mellow: *smiles* and watched all er...100 of em!!! grins ...stares at that ole rustly kettle :highspeed:
    so ,,,,um......:unsure: care for a cuppa ?
    get your funky leoprd print out and dance a merry jigg with me missy :lol:

    hey gal , whats up , whats happening ?how ya feeeeeeeelin ..who the hells jerrrmary fisha , hmmm hmmm haaa

    slams into the wall 6 times and once more (for good measure

    ooh boy 7's my lucky number :bugeyed
    *screams and runs around semi naked covered in ice cream

    what the hell did you do to deserve that ? !:shock: :lol:
    I haven't seen them. I guess I'd better go look! I'm trying to find "Emily the Strange" luggage for my daughter for a birthday present and it's really hard to find...argh, and I have to finish building this playhouse so she can have a sleepover in it with her friends. So much to do, so little time. By the time I finally get to go on this trip, I am going to be so ragged and worn
    I am on now :hug: aww what a sad face :(. Turn that frown upside down ;) *turning into Shirley Temple for a moment*.

    So.... how've you been? I haven't even been in random thoughts to check out how you are and everyone in the RT section. I miss you. Been busy mostly with work stuff...and kids. I got my passport stuff sent off today and paid for fast delivery. The countdown is on. I get my hair cut for the first time in almost two years Wednesday. Gosh I need to spend more time on pampering myself someday. One haircut every two years is really extreme in a not very good way.

    What have you been up to lately?
    Oh gosh, I never know. I've been so busy lately I never know when I'll get to come play. I' am so sleepy right now. zzzzzzzzzzzz Oh hey, are you going to a concert?
    It feels like it's been forever since I've played with you :( .

    *knocks on your door*

    Can lilmissymj come out and play??
    LOL that exactly thing happened to me too! Then I went back to edit it. "Secret Man" visited your profile, I noticed, so I thought I'd make a joke.. poor guy will probably never do that again, now that I've embarrassed him by talking about him. I've not really been around much either. Though it's always nice to see you :)
    :eek: you have a secret man visiting your profile :eek: did you see that? lol
    LILMiss, Are you going to the concert? Are you close to London? Wanna meet up when I get there some day?
    well for you sistah, im glad it makes you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeep uncontroablely in your garden of love ~for i am in love with the garden gnome down 54th street .ah love . what it can do ...drink up that tea galie we have a millonth and one things to do .we cant doooooodle dawdle doing nout :lol: something must be done !!!:cool:
    the question is ...what ?
    and then i will make you a pot o tea
    the tea.
    oh yes.
    the tea .
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm tea pots !
    cant forget the lovely cuppa .
    i want to make you a lovely dish ..mmmmm fish fingers diped in butter cream . you will come to my house and eat what ever i choose to cook then after that you and i can go out to do some shopping and buy trainers that fly and buy a goat and go meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer at it .
    realy loud
    in its ear .
    all night long .
    in the garden
    at night .
    LOL!!! I know.. I want to be able to remember what it feels like to think straight again gaga!!! << I meant haha! but it looks funny so i'm leaving it LOL! Seriously though it's all made my brain a frazzle :huh:

    8th 10th & 12th of July I am going so far. :mello:
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