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  • hey man. I read over on maxjax that u have The HIStory tour from Bruni in a torrent? is this still the case? if so, could u please send it to me. Thanx in advance.
    Hello Sean! I need your help but I think e-mail is better for talk. Please write me here:
    Hey, just thought I'd say that I like your signature pic.. (the "This is NOT it" one).
    hey--email me anything and everything to get to MJJ!

    Yes, bain must be stopped--and she will! be

    God Bless.

    Canadian MJJ Office

    4 real!
    Hi, I am not new to MJJCommunity, but I am however new to using the befriending feature. Was just browsing and thought you looked cool.
    can you help me?When I download things on my computer, i click on it to open it with megaupload it just says turn your bluetooth on and choose which computer you want to send it to, I click on the same one, but then nothing happens. but I can get things to open through quicktime player no problem. I would be grateful if you could help me.
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