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  • Thank you so much for your sweet message. I try to make most of my posts meaningful (this doesn't mean I always succeed, however).
    tak Limonko, wszystko oki. tak mi sie odrobinke zycie skomplikowalo ostatnimi czasy, ale trzymam sie.
    PS I've edited my post so it's not there anymore! Again I'm sorry; that must have been annoying to see!
    Hi Limonali! Sorry for the confusion. I posted:
    "^This isn't what this thread is for" because previously there was a post above mine by deano re-posting the estate statement saying the tracks were real etc, not respecting the anger/vent/cry tone of the thread. I suppose a mod deleted it because now it's not there, and it looks like I'm pointing to your thread, which I'm totally not! I'm SO sorry if there was any confusion, I should have quoted instead of used the point up sign. :huggy:
    I agree with you. We can disagree, but we still can stay civil and respectful! HUGS
    Ah, not much - right now I was just practicing my own songs and rehearsing my BJ performance that I'm gonna do tomorrow. There's a big german event very near to me, so my gf and me have a gig there! =)
    thank you.. hugging you too. I stayed away from the computer most of the day yesterday, I thought I wouldn't be able to handle it. So I went into the city and met with other fans. There were quite a lot of them. It was kind of nice actually (it the word "nice" is proper for such an occasion...). But there were a lot of tears too :( why did Michael leave us? i don't understand.
    oh far out, just realized the Polish-English mixture in the message below... that's what happens when i'm stressed. duh!:smilerolleyes:
    nom, nielegalne, bo to niby 'szkodnik' i nie mozna miec - bo tu duzo ich i w kapuste leza i wyjadaja... biedactwa, tepia ich tu.
    a na pocieszenie mam w domu te stowrzenia grubasne...

    Runt, Browneye...

    i Pirate (a.k.a. Pirat)
    awww, sliczny kroliczek. chce takiego! szkoda, ze tu w queensland sa nielegalne... :(
    justynce wyslalam wezora, to tobie tez, masz o tu...

    yeah im coming, yeah i would love everyone of appleheads together, it would be great!!! xx
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