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  • :lol: I'm trying! i sooo :heart: that picture.. man i soo wish i could change everything that has happened with him passing ..

    heres a lil pressie for you to snuggle n hug
    omg look at those lips..

    ohhhhh his smile
    dunno if you have seen this one yet or not.
    [IMG] sorry its so small.
    i saw yer post earlier in appleheads :huggy: i hope you doing ok .
    here's your man to cuddle and carress. i noticed you liked it in the thread yesterday so hopefully it an bring a smile to your face.

    WOOO !!!!! i picked a big one :wild:
    k, every wensday can be ~a happy hedgehog day .:yes: [well...... i mean we will TRY to be :yes::better:
    :wub:happy hedgehog day too !, baby L .:better::wub:
    seriuosly hun , you alright? ~
    i think i kno how a mole like day feelz .
    extra warm huggs to you, Limonali sweetie.
    oh no :better:
    a mole like day ?......come here lil mole you can sit with me in my autuum leaves . there you will not feel sad or pain anymore .
    *gives mole a buttercup*
    awwww ..that picture aughghgh...*melts*
    thats ME :wild: look at my EARS....... omg !meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !:wild:
    im SOoooooooo0oo0o0o0ooooo hedgehoggy today baby L babe :huh:
    how are you ? xox
    thats me having morning hump on a brush :wild:
    omg sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet baby L .:wild:
    Limonadeeeeee! :fear: *starts unziping* JFC he's sexy :give_heart:

    :party: :dance:
    the siggys mine
    the fine man too
    you got to hate
    cuz that's all you do
    :party: :dance:
    *cough* just to remind you of the bad tour sc epicness i won *cough*


    read it and weep!

    Yes it is from my holy book that I love sooooooo much! A big smile spreads across my face when I look at it. I smile so much my face hurts! Kinda like this...


    beams like a :sun:

    {feels high .......just like the effin ~effiel~ tower} :blush::wild:
    could he do it in heels though ?
    tis the question those heels ~on the efffiel friggen tower ~
    in france ........late at night ...midnight .*magic*..magical midnight ~
    course he can , hes magic mike ...:punk:
    magic mike gets it right ..every night :yes:
    and YES :wild:run away baby L ,,nowwwwwww while you're sanity is in tact !:lol::lmao: or you can stay and play with me :wild::wild:

    I am sooo late with the wall posts! I forget all the time to do them, but I still love you guys!

    Here is a little gift only for you!!!!

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