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  • YES !!!!!!!!!!!id would be honered too !
    the same time .....:yes:
    RGHT ..
    I KNO
    the EAXCT time "blood-sis" did is that ???:lol:

    ok , your gettign a friend reqauset if thats ok ? ....reqauest ? whaaaaa? ...:unsure:
    i meant request ,:giggle: now THAT was stopid haaa :wink:
    that is SOOOOO me , i would so so so ,,so do the same :toofunny:
    hey are we friends ? ..i dont kno if we are on each others friend list :unsure:
    haaa *goes to chk*
    ahha!!! that made me :giggle:
    *stuffs cake in her pants .* runs about *screams :shout:
    foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood fight yayaaya :toofunny:
    im dancing! im dancing haaaaa :dance::party:...i see you dancin tooooo :wub::excited:
    :huggy:how are you L , xoxo
    wow......goooooooood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great ! ~smiles like tony tiger :)wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide smile ~
    lets get london and the rest of the beautiful peeps and have a party! there !,,,everywhere !:huggy: wow , appleheads im proud to be a part of it :wub: looks like its !pant party time babe !:lol:
    :heart: now wheres the cake ?:wild:
    aww.. how sweet ty friend .:wub:
    shall i run about with pants on my head on here then too ?:shout: wanna join me ? :bugeyed:party::wild:
    Yeah, I seen that about the London show. I would go over, but can't afford it at the moment as I have a couple of concerts in Oct and Nov. Thanks for replying so quickly and Enjoy the film in London. UK is much better for fan events.
    myself and another friend are thinking of trying to get MJ fans in Ireland to attend film together in Dublin of This Is It when it's released. Would you be interested?
    No one has posted me a message yet (cause I just enabled the wall lol :p) so I will be lonely miserable and post it myself. HI LIMONALI!! :D (heading towards pathetic but can't stop being silly :p)
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