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  • Hi, Linda!
    Hope you´re in good health. It´s been a while since I was online here. Been so busy that June. I´ve created a new poem on 25th of June. It´s in the section "Michaelmania" - "To My Dearest Michael". I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment there. :)
    Thanks in advance!! :)
    Don´t stop ´til you get enough!!! :)
    Hi, Linda!!
    Today I´ve created a poem - my first poem ever. I haven´t had an idea that I could write a poem - in a foreign language!!! lol - My mother tongue is german.
    Please leave a message there - it´s on the section "Fans" - "Fan Art".
    Thanks in advance, Linda!!!
    God bless you Linda, your daughter and all your loved ones :)
    Happy Birthday, Linda! I hope you were blessed today by family and friends. :hug:
    thank you so so much my precious dear friend.hugs
    May peace and LOVE always be in our hearts...

    I wish you and your family a…


    And a...

    Oh dont worry about that Linda _ Im sorry
    I just get testy sometime _ I know you didnt
    mean that _ I should count to Ten more
    and hey I love you very much (hugs)
    "Oi" Linda!
    How are you? You get a little gone. I hope you are well... kisses for you... :)
    I hope you don't mind that I add'ed you as a friend :)
    I like what you say in the love/dark thread! Funny AND something to think about :)
    Thanks you Linda for the request... Well I think the conservatives Republicans are. Most of them don't have a clue to what is going on, they just follow blindly. Some of the moderate republicans, like Olympia Snow and Susan Collins, the senators from Maine, I like.
    Yes we do!! And I love your post too. Those Republicans hate the fact that Obama knows how to play their game. He has taken away every argument that they have used in the past That's why they are all running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.
    Heyyyyyyy, You live in Boston? I know a best friend who lives in Boston! I bet she'd love to meet you some day! Do you have yahoo?
    I love you so so much!Thank you for being who you are and let me be in yourlife.
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