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  • Thanks Linda! Hahaha it is an understatement. it already is in the 100's. Agh not looking forward to the 120's. How are you doing?
    "Please wait one second while we connect you to your desired party. *pause* Thank you for visiting the MJJC profile of... Beautiful.. Immunity..* Press one for direct contact with user *giggles* :lol:
    LOL! I'm a silly kid too!

    I think I should start writing blogs too... hmmm?
    Hey- thanks for the request!

    Just wanted to see how you were doing- glad you're still writing blogs :)
    *comes in your profile blushing * linda, ! :wub: hark at all theses wubaliscous commpliments you give me today ,- steadfast ? *goes to google that one* . noones ever callled me that before !*grins* serisouly though , your a beautiful person yourself , yeah il give her a kiss from you , yapp soonies xx,
    *in brit accent , *LMBOOO lindaaaalicous !! well that was beautifuly random !!! *ten mins laughin * ..psht , oh he'd never want to sing 'bout wendijane , LOL. however.... he could be singing bout YOU cupcakes :wub: . Anyways , have a lovely weekend linda, stay blessed hun, um and randomlicous !!*smile*!x
    Haha No, it was a joke haha
    I'm not in school lol way Too old *laughing*
    Ohh and your silly message is on page two perhaps! If your talking about the school things with MJkop4ever lol we're just pretending as if I am going to french class! :lol:!! I am doing good btw, great you got your computer back!
    LOL that was 'Joanie and Chachi' from 'Happy Days' ... later a spin off called 'Joanie Loves Chachi' ;)

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