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  • Hello! It was very, very hard to get logged back in, but I've finally made it! Hahahaha!!! Blessings to you too! :)
    She will always be my baby no matter how old she gets :D but yeah, she's turning into a lovely young lady now.. she's 14 at the end of the year.

    Thank you for the lovely comments, she does prefer to sing slower songs but just loves to sing in general, she never stops! I am so very proud of her :happy: as I am of them all :yes:
    Lorraine, I went to edit this in to my comment on your page, but I was unable to, so I will gladly tell ya over here...I wanted to add this, and that is to tell her she is definitely gaining more vocal control and for her to keep practicing and keep singing!!! She's doing really well. :clapping:
    Red velvet cupcake? Hmmm ... sounds interesting. I usually like vanilla, but red velvet sounds kinda bold and daring. I'll try it!
    MP!!! hahaha! Let's see...would you like a red velvet one...with lots of yummy, creamy frosting...and sprinkles on top!? :D
    Great photo of urself queenie :cheeky: I got a list of mah own comin' up 4 ya, it's still in the oven, it's about to'll be there soon enough, my kinda soon lol.

    God bless you my friend *hug*
    Ooops I just wanted to edited out the photo and clicked on the message below and deleted the whole thing and now all conversation has gone lol I only wanted to remove the pic! silly me :lol: Not sure if it was lipstick lol possibly but maybe they were just natural red lips :p
    Thanks for the kind words!:) Let me know if you got my reply via PM, for some odd reason my sent folder says empty.
    queen g want to save the world with us too *Ape and me *
    you can have sparklin wings to match with that pretty tu tu .*nodds*
    Oh! You like Tony, too! That is so cool. I thought maybe you'd grow tired of his kind of songs since they stay consistently soothing without much fiery emotion ever exhibited. I really love Tony's "Watch What Happens." Have you heard it?
    I miss you...hope you are doing well. night night.
    Hey, (oops typo again :S can I do that more than once in a lifetime?) MSN is kicking back my messages. Maybe you are offline for real?
    Yep! It's back. Teeheehee. I'll check out your post.
    Hey Queenie I've been sick for a while, nothing too serious just a freaking cold. I've been getting most of strength, so in a few more days I'll be good as new. If you call planning my next attack being good then I guess....yeah.
    Yes I did thanks for asking:) I hope you had a great weekend as well:) I haven't been here in a couple days so I'm just reading posts:)
    *smile* that's so sweet, AAhh you tickled me there ...Okay okay I would love for you to enjoy ''Beautiful Michael'' a lil longer ...Thanks so much Again ...
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