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    Yep! It's back. Teeheehee. I'll check out your post.
    Hey Queenie I've been sick for a while, nothing too serious just a freaking cold. I've been getting most of strength, so in a few more days I'll be good as new. If you call planning my next attack being good then I guess....yeah.
    Yes I did thanks for asking:) I hope you had a great weekend as well:) I haven't been here in a couple days so I'm just reading posts:)
    *smile* that's so sweet, AAhh you tickled me there ...Okay okay I would love for you to enjoy ''Beautiful Michael'' a lil longer ...Thanks so much Again ...
    and an extra royal~ n~ sparkly weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! too *smileys proudly *
    Aww, you kno how to touch dont you ? .....i bringsz more smiles and huggs and a little bit o love for the royal queen up in here *wub*
    hows you babes ?
    Heck no!!I think you are doing a very good job, I like reading what you have to say..its very good :).. i don't think you are kiling it at all. Man I feel crazy for cheeing lol, but i can't help it, its too sweet!!hopefully we are all on the right track..girl your a pro compared to me if i tried it lol...I might someday, all I have concluded from this is that MJ may have a history with this women. they have met before probably..ok i m done lmao
    Your welcome..i just had to add you because you seem like a cool person!!YESSS we certainly are having a good times in "did Mj find love in the dark" thread :D. Its interesting to read all of everyones insights on that subject!:) Don't ask me to make an insight, i'd kill it and stop the thread lmao.. but I LOVE it.. cheers to romance :)
    So pleased you like it. Here, have some more. *pours* One lump or two? You are welcome here anytime. :)
    i can't quite seem to comprehend whether to reply to you at my house or yours! for the fluidity of the conversation i mean... :lol: but yeh *sip* that tea of yours isn't half bad actually
    ah thanks! it is fun isn't it? I'm so glad you showed up too, you make it a lot of fun. I just have to watch myself, sometimes some posts just can't be ignored LOL ! Yes, I know I'm dating myself, but its funny, the older I get the more I appreciate all that stuff much more than I ever thought I did. :yes:
    LOL, thank you, I didn't make it though:D
    I wish I could make them, but I can't LOL
    michael_forever made it, he/she has got a own thread and you can just have the avatars you want:)
    haha, that's a great idea, queen g! XDD
    Thanks, I like your avvy/siggy set too!!!
    Happy 4th!! *hugs*:)
    You are welcome :) I hope you are feeling better.
    Yeah you can read into the poems all you like if you wanna :) That's what art is right? You get out of it whatever you feel for yourself.
    So, I wrote one.. and your inbox is full so I have an email ready to send to you (you can save your PM's btw with a little save to text thingy at the bottom). The "Poem" was written at 3 am so I can't really vouch for it making any sense, nor me making sense now. I have to wake up soon so I should get myself to sleep so I can do that. :) nightnight. oh and don't read into the poem at all. I didn't have anything or anyone in mind at all. Just wrote.
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