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  • Aaawww Queen, so sorry about it :( I'm going to Pray for you :flowers: HUGGGGGGG
    Hi Queen :) Yes, I do so far.. Thank you. Hope you, too? :) Much Blessings to you as well! :flowers:
    phew you made it! So fill me in on what you did. Did you cover that seat cushion? Take your son shopping?
    I never forgot about you! see?? Welcome back if you come back. Perhaps you were the fly by nighter (one flew over the cuckoos nest?) Tea's getting cold...
    Guess you will see in a week right? Not too much fly by night about me. I tend to stick like molasses. You'll see ;) :p
    hahah well I will do my very best to remember you, but you know, an entire life can change in a whole week. Nevertheless, I will remember you. I can guarantee it.
    guess I will be taking more walks by the lake :D ahahha Should be interesting!
    I had a really nice walk by the lake. I am now having to catch my breath for going as fast as possible up the steepest hill I have to climb up to get to my place from it though. Down is even difficult. Up.. I was having second thoughts about because of the stroller. Good thing it is a jogging stroller or I'd have been stuck at the top still missing out on our walk.
    lol...were you reading my poem?? lol. oh wait..did I post that in here? hmm... hmm hmm, now I'm going to have to look. "crumbly biscuit" heheh
    posted at my house too lol
    oh my goodness I love those too!! and for different reasons obviously lol I'd love to race ya to see who can go the highest *wink* i like being next to a tree so I can try to touch the branch with my toe! :unsure: no idea how i gave you a porch swing! lol i'd better slo down :unsure: crumbly biscuits? okay! :D as long as we can have plates with lots of syrup on em! :p
    yes whenever i think of a porch swing i think of that, they did it every night as i can recall and i'd just sit there in the miniature, red, wrought-iron rocker thinking of it as the most normal moment of bliss there could ever be - yes i agree with you, i'd love to have that too
    ooo this post is too long~! no i have AIM haay (maybe Ape, or you) can make a Party Thread where we all listen to the same music at the same time and party together then post some party mood thoughts from that music? lol sounds like fun to me, when i get time of course....i'd post the thread but i'm tired and gotta actually get off here before getting me a quick 'fix' :lol: maybe somebody'll like the idea and can get this party starrrrrrrrrrted!! :lol: well :flowers: off to RT i go, cyooguyz :D
    Does it sound like "I always feel likeee somebodies watching meeeeeeee"?
    all the better to keep you in line with :p ;)
    hello queen dahlink how ahhh you lol just sayin hi and bye *wink* cya
    hahah well it would either be fun, or damaging...or both!Maybe the sailboat might be a better idea...or walk.
    Sounds wonderful :) Next time bring me with you for a while.
    where'd you go? My reply did get to you right? I deleted all my messages so there's room in my inbox again.
    hi queen g~~!! how are you? :)
    thanks for the compliment!! :wub: <3
    i luv your avvy too~!!
    have a lovely day! :smiles:
    hey queen_g

    Thanks for the visit. All is well thanks very much. Hoping all is well with you too. I'll 'randomly' pop in on you guys very soon - meanwhile just keeping the prayers going and keeping the feet moving -)
    all of them, but the middle one is about a week old. I just happened to be sharing it in a message to a friend so it was still on my paste when I pasted... so I left it. The top and bottom ones I wrote last night.
    ah, I must have left too soon. I ended up painting downstairs instead.
    Just bringing over more tea to have a visit and discuss dreams and what not :) lol. Looks like nobody is home so I might head on over to SOS's
    HAHA! Well.... for someone who is usually really calm and easy going about anything, I didn't react to being hit on by my cousin very well. I was shocked! But now things are fine. He isn't a disgusting dirty old man, he is just my cousin who explained that he just has thought I was and am awesome from when we were little. .. lol kissing cousins...and ...Lighten up?! you weren't the one getting flirted on by your married cousin. :| but once again..all is fine.
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