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  • Yes, well I felt she had a right to know lol since it was about her so its okay :D lol
    Goodnight Waldo :) question though..wouldn't it be 4 X the amount of love? (you forgot about your avatar)
    I was trying to paste a laughing cat in here but it won't show so...
    Hardy har har har :) hope that suffices.
    I can't express my gratitude or acknowledge your benevolence on this subject enough to do it justice.
    If I still had my camera, I'd make another just for you but alas, this one, not looking directly into your soul will have to do :p
    I'm just glad you're looking a little bit off to the side...or I'd be really creeped out!
    eww my eye looks creepy posted all down your page. Now you have my brow as you wish :p (nice MJ surprise today isn't it?)
    Thank you queen g :)
    Your words are a pleasure to read in a difficult time.
    Are you saying God spoke to you through my poem? Or another? You think this was God inspired? It could be..I wrote it with love, so if God is love, then He must have co-written it :) lol. Thank you though, it is really nice that you shared your appreciation of it with me.
    :) thank you queen g. I thought it was childlike and maybe corny after I finished but I meant it so I posted and sent to the recipient :) I hope she likes it..well she will,,she is just like that :)
    Yes, that lil' archie-leta kid is a cutie, and boy can he sing! Thanks for stoppin' by and responding to my nonsense comment. lol.
    lol nah, he sang billie jean ... i guess he is 'OK'. I just loved that lil'archie-leta kid
    YW :flowers: have a lovely day :) and Thank you very much :flowers: :hug: God Bless you Always! :)
    Yes, I drew it first in pencil, then scanned it in and worked on it in Photoshop. I don't draw a lot, but when I do, I enjoy it most when I am doing giftart for someone else. That makes me happy.

    So yeah, you fought that boss in is the first boss in the Forest Temple Dungeon. I think it looks more fearsome in that drawing than in the actually game. Not the hardest boss in the world to was very fun, though, when the mini-boss comes swinging by to assist. ^_^
    Twilight Princess rules by the way!
    And you are very welcome!! and thank you as well :D!
    PS. your siggy was a drawing O_O wow....
    Oh, it is a bit scary. I'll change it. It is from a drawing I did for a young online friend a few years ago. It was a birthday gift and I wanted the subject of it to be something that he was really into. He was very excited at the time about a video game that was coming out, The Twilight Princess, and I found a reference pic of a "boss" enemy to copy from, but it was in the shadows. So this is the artwork I did, after bringing the creature more in the light with lots of color. My avatar is of another "boss" from a different game that ties in (but I didn't draw that one). It is named "Queen Gohma" and that is where my user name comes from.

    But I don't want these pics to scare I'll look for something else in my files to put up instead. Thanks for adding me as your friend, Magdalene. ^_^
    LOL I wondered if that was you over there... yeah I take some beating at snake :p good luck when it it comes here :D haha!! nah JK someone will beat me pfffft!!! lol
    Have a good day!!! :)
    awww thanxyou queen g for the kind words and rep hun , i wouldve given you rep back but i i kno u have disabled it , well jus wanted to say thanx you again ,*overwhelmed* and your sweet words realy touched me babes .*hugg*
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